Have you ever wondered what life is like for Tony, he’s a businessman, he’s a philanthropist, he’s an author and he has dedicated himself to changing people’s lives!

He also spends a lot of time traveling, thinking, being the best version of himself and living exactly what he teaches. That can be harder than you may think:

If you are showing people how to be happy you must be happy

If you are showing people how to communicate well you must communicate well

If you are showing people how to believe in themselves you must have absolute belief in yourself

Having known Tony for so many years I can attest that he is a living, breathing, 100% representation of all he helps people with. Our journey together and alignment is because like me, he knows that in order to balance mind you need to balance body as one harmony (a symphony if you love music like me). I believe that the key to understanding yourself is understanding the role of the unconscious mind that drives the behavior of your body. We are beset with endless amounts of data every single day and the unconscious mind is the filter to it all, the average day for each of us:

Millions of pieces of data in social media – We only pause to read certain posts.

100’s of articles – We only pause to read the one’s we want to.

Dressing ourselves – We don’t think about it, well after selecting the outfit, we don’t think about how buttons work or how to tie laces.

That is our unconscious mind, if it was all in our conscious mind we would freeze, overload or go full scanners and explode. Therein lies the very common gap of balancing mind and body, our unconscious mind dictates how we move and its job is to make the world manageable and its instruction comes from the conscious mind. You know when you feel there is never enough time, we all feel it, well that makes the unconscious mind move at pace and if you injure yourself then it compensates by making a change to how you move. This is true even if it’s just a small pain or you’ve sat crouched over a laptop all day, the issues arrive when those small things become regular things and the unconscious mind continues to alter your natural states until that becomes the normal way.

What you are left with is your unconscious habits of movement, that is where we help Tony as a client:

“Glenn has a deep passion to help people get to their peak performance with their body. His work is amazing, every time I have a session with him I walk away taller, the pain in my body is gone and I am thinking more clearly. The work he does is unique and he has changed the lives of many people. He is a true artist that has found the key to longevity by releasing inner tension and stored emotions so that we can get back to our innate selves. Too often people suffer with pain and stress and they accept it, for all those people out there I urge you to work with Glenn.”

Tony Robbins #1 New York Times Bestselling Author, Philanthropist, & Americas #1 Life & Business Strategist

Tony understands the power of the mind, we are happy to help him as he continues to change the world. If your goal is to change your world then it begins with your body and understanding the controller that is your unconscious mind!

About Glenn Hall

Glenn Hall is an internationally recognized ultimate expert bodyworker specialist. Though born with a dysfunctional bad back and disabled from a shoulder surgery, Glenn set out not only to heal himself but to heal others. To this goal, he gained a background in 10 different hands on manual therapies. Along with his wife, Shoshi Hall, Glenn founded CreateHealthNevada.com and is the creator of the online learning program, Total Body and Brain Makeover, and the SomaFlow Therapy approach to treat both acute and chronic health issues enabling people to achieve their optimal health. Contact Glenn Hall: ghall@createhealthnevada.com / (702) 234-5610. Schedule a session with Glenn Hall: https://createhealthnevada.com/schedule-glenn/

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