The core of the reason why i’m doing what i’m doing now came from the passion and beauty for the true artistry of dance and the ability to perform to convey emotion, passion and artistry, grace that’s what made all the hard work possible for during my professional dancer days.

For me optimal performance is when i was on stage i felt an out of body experience and I was a different person, confident, liked, attractive, special. The times when (and it was rare) i felt effortless, my movements was in a perfect flexibility, balance and power.

Optimal performance for a Professional Dancer is all about reaching and maintaining peak balance, balance of body, balance of mind. Yet it goes beyond that, for me optimal performance is about transcendence. It’s about stepping out of ‘who you are’ – your identity, beliefs and limitations and becoming something more. Perhaps that person you’ve always wanted to be, deep down. Everytime I step out on stage it’s an opportunity to come ‘out of body’ and for a time access hidden potential.

Whenever I am asked how I found my path to do what I do it creates a surge of memories of all those hours of practice, the stretching, the stress, the pressure and the unbridled joy of performing to the best of my abilities. I’ve come to understand dance as art form, a medium by which we can convey emotion, passion and artistry.

It is always a rush of emotions because that is where I discovered my path in helping other Dancers to reach optimal performance, to go beyond themselves, through Emotion! To understand the emotional energy (good and bad) trapped in your body you need to understand that you are an individual and be treated that way:

“I have taken pilates from Shoshi for many years. Expert instructor. What I like about Shoshi is she molds your workout with the client’s individual needs. She keeps advancing in her field so the client’s experience is also enhanced. She keeps the workouts versatile so you are never bored.

Shoshi adds her knowledge about nutrition, which she adds to her instruction. Great results”

–Connie McBeath

The flexibility of movement and the art of dancing takes many different forms, I for one was on stage for over 20 years covering modern dance, contemporary, jazz, latin, lyrical and from my beginnings in Israel I have travelled the world performing. What I discovered and dedicated myself to helping people with was finding joy in understanding the emotional connection to their movement and unlocking levels of flexibility, energy and enjoyment, just like Shirl:

“Shoshi is an expert in her field. Always a professional, detailed, and creative.
She has worked with me more than one hundred times, yet every time is new and different. An individual with her integrity and personality is very rare. I am honored to work with Shoshi.”

–Shirl Andrews

I am lucky enough to have chosen an excellent base for helping people: Las Vegas!

Las Vegas has many different types of dancers and performers, it has been a never ending journey of challenges, personalised needs and of course the want to optimise what you do. Dance like yoga, like pilates, like intelligent movement is about mastery of self. To transcend your current identity and unleash the best version of yourself you need to look at the bodymechanics you currently have and also the mindset you currently have. I help people with both because personal circumstance can alter your challenge, just like your ideas or when injury depletes your self belief you need a customized program that respects you for the person you are.

“My experience in working with Shoshi has been transformational. Each time, upon leaving a Gyrotonic session with her, I am renewed and open, vitalized and ready to move through my day with a grace, ease, and power that I did not have prior. Her instruction is such that she instructs like an artist paints. Using the client as the centerpiece, a masterpiece is created, one of beauty. The client leaves ready to be presented to the world,. I am delighted to recommend Shoshana as an exceptionally gifted instructor and guide in healing and rehabilitation of all that ails you. She is an amazing gift!”


Like when I was performing on stage the emotion I feel when setting someone free (in mind and body) to find their optimal performance is unbeatable, just like how I want my clients to feel.

We dance, we move, we run, we jump, we stretch, we flex and above all else we feel…

…I love to help performers feel the joy of optimal performance, to go beyond what they think they are.

About Glenn & Shoshi Hall

Create Health is run by Glenn and Shoshi. They have dedicated their life to becoming masters of a myriad of arts and disciplines and treat each client as the unique individual they are. Techniques and philosophies of martial arts such as Tai Chi Chaun, Ba Gua Chaun, Chi Gong, Shorin Ryu Karate, western science, physiology, body language, mindset, mindfulness, dance (stage, show, performance art), gyrotonic, yoga, pilates, communication, body language and lifestyle health coaching. Disciplines in manual therapies such as neuromuscular therapy, kinesiology, proprioceptor neuromuscular facilitation, strain/counterstrain method, massage therapy, neuromuscular re-education, and structural integration (hellerwork). Personal strength and core training.

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