State Management is a science, a skill, something we should all be aware of and work at to get the best out of ourselves and give ourselves the best opportunity to excel and reach our potential at any given time. Think of your life, an average day and the various states that you feel throughout any given day such as anger, confidence, love, happiness, fear, excitement and more. These states all impact our ability to perform at a given time and for the most part, when we are not aware of their influence on us or in control of our own state, they simply come and go based on a series of factors impacting us all the time and the effect they have is hard to truly understand. What is important to recognise here is that these states are not simply applied to us and we then have to cope or hope for the best, these states are entirely ours to control and utilize to our own benefit. However, we can only hope to do this once we both understand and have developed our own ability to control our state of mind. Physiology is a large part of this and a fundamental understanding we work to develop. As you start to better understand your body, the way you hold your shoulders, your rate of breathing and other physical aspects which influence your emotional state you will start be able to control your mental state through a combination of these influences. Mastery of this science is a huge contributor to the personal success you can achieve through more comprehensive control of your mental state. As you start to develop a deeper understanding of your emotions and the ability to not only recognize your state, but more importantly influence and manage the mental state you are in, you can actually put your body in a state that benefits the situation you find yourself in. We focus on all aspects of this experience as we look at not only developing and exploring the physical elements and core of your body but the relationship between your physical movements and mental state as well. Once you have developed a deeper understanding of your physical self and these ties with your mental state, you will be able systematically identify physical elements in your movements and posture that tie in with your mental state. This is what leads into the mastery of state management. As you develop this understanding, putting yourself in a specific mental state is not just a matter of telling your mind how you want to behave, but it becomes a fundamental shift in the way your body is behaving. Your body will adopt the movements of the state you are selecting as you have the understanding of the relationships between all the elements. As your mind works to put yourself in the emotional state you desire, your body reinforces the behaviour through movements that portray and project the same state as your body and mind behave as one. Think of the potential application mastery of state can have in your day to day life – emotion is one of our strongest resources, but only when it supports us in our endeavours. If we can harness the emotional state that sets us up for success there is whole new potential ahead of us.

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