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What’s Next?

Were these 3 abs exercises helpful? Within just one week you may be experiencing the beginnings of :

  • A stronger core
  • Midriff shaping up
  • A stronger back

Keep it up! With regular daily practice as directed in the videos on this page you will be astonished with your emerging new figure and strength!

But don’t stop here!

There are many additional Pilates exercises that will further add to your strength, flexibility, agility and self confidence as you continue to see your figure becoming more shapely and graceful.

Pilates Flow Virtual Classes with Shoshi Hall

From the comfort of your home turn on your computer and join Pilates expert Shoshi Hall for 8 weekly 60-minute power sessions.

What Is Pilates Flow Class?

Pilates Flow Class is a combination of standing warm up movements and mat Pilates.

Pilates condition your body from head to toe:

  • Abs
  • Lower back
  • Hips
  • Buttocks

Pilates creates length with strength!

Benefits of Pilates Virtual Classes with Shoshi Hall

You’ll feel:

  • Refreshed
  • Full of energy
  • Alert
  • Active
  • Self-Confident

When Are the Classes?

May 27-July 15
Wednesdays: 9:30-10:30 am PDT (Pacific Day Time)

Where Do We Meet?

All classes are conducted via Zoom. **Zoom can be accessed via your iPhone, Android, tablet, laptop or desktop. Here’s how easy the Zoom virtual connection is:

  1. Download the Zoom App and install on your computer or phone.
  2. Click on the Zoom link that we send you.
  3. You will arrive on a landing page and it will ask if you want to open zoom.
  4. A screen will open, click on “join with computer audio” – you’re all set!

This class will start on time so please set up for the session 10 minutes early.
All you need is a 6’x 3′ space, a mat, a bottle of water, a rolled towel and your smiling face.

Post Social Distancing Re-entry Special!

Value: Normally $60/week X 8 = $480

Special for this series only:

$370 for all 8 weeks (16 Sessions @ 2 Sessions/Week)

Pilates Flow Class | Shoshi Hall | Create Health Nevada

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