Learn why the business model of the most popular weight loss programs contributes to lack of success for clients.

Shortcoming of Popular Weight Loss Programs

Many of the most popular “best weight loss programs” in 2021 fall short of what consumers really need. As a result, consumers may find themselves experiencing temporary results only to end up back where they were before starting the program.

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State Management is a science, a skill, something we should all be aware of and work at to get the best out of ourselves and give ourselves the best opportunity to excel and reach our potential at any given time. Think of your life, an average day and the various states that you feel throughout any given day such as anger, confidence, love, happiness, fear, excitement and more. These states all impact our ability to perform at a given time and for the most part, when we are not aware of their influence on us or in control of our own state, they simply come and go based on a series of factors impacting us all the time and the effect they have is hard to truly understand.

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Have you ever wondered what life is like for Tony, he’s a businessman, he’s a philanthropist, he’s an author and he has dedicated himself to changing people’s lives!

He also spends a lot of time traveling, thinking, being the best version of himself and living exactly what he teaches. That can be harder than you may think:

If you are showing people how to be happy you must be happy

If you are showing people how to communicate well you must communicate well

If you are showing people how to believe in themselves you must have absolute belief in yourself

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