Heal Total Body Makeover Program
You are the designer of your own health, redefine it now!

Have you given up on engaging in activities you used to enjoy?

Do you ever hear yourself saying, ‘I used to play basketball’, ‘I used to play football,’ ‘I used to run marathons?” 

The key words are, ‘I USED TO’. What you’re saying is, ‘I don’t do that anymore because…

  • I’m no longer young
  • People my age just can’t expect to engage in the activities they enjoyed when they were younger’

If you’re like I was, you can remember a time when your body was in better health than today: Highschool, College, Age 30, 40, 50…

Accepting the story that “Every year you’re going to decline?”

Have you ever felt like you are losing a little more of your conditioning with every passing year?

  • Gaining a little more weight?
  • Becoming less flexible?
  • Walking a shorter distance?
  • Having problems keeping up with the kids…and definitely the grandkids?

Declining Mental Focus, Greater Reliance on Doctors?

Have you ever walked into the room and forgotten what you were about to do? Are you struggling harder to remember things? Is your mental focus a little more challenging?

Are you becoming more dependent on medical professionals and on medications to keep healthy and ward off a host of maladies that limit your life more and more each year?

Explode the Greatest Myth Ever Devised!

If this is the story you’ve taken for granted, you’re not alone. I was there too!

  • “Do it while you’re young.”
  • “Take that vacation while you still can.”
  • “Climb that mountain, run that marathon, engage in sports now before it’s too late.”


What if you were to learn that this common story is a huge MYTH??

What if you could be in better condition TODAY than you were 10 years ago?

It’s Time to Imagine Your Best Health!

What if you could not only halt the process of physical and mental degeneration…but actually REVERSE the process and begin to experience a younger, more fit body with every passing year?


  • The grandkids having trouble keeping up with YOU!
  • Being able to go places, do things, hike mountains, run races, lift heavy things, dance your heart out BETTER, with even more strength and flexibility TODAY than you had years ago?

Welcome to the Manual for Your Body!

“Glenn has a deep passion to help people get to their peak performance with their body. His work is amazing! …I walk away taller, the pain in my body is gone and I am thinking more clearly. The work he does is unique and he has changed the lives of many people.”

–Tony Robbins

“Your body is wonderfully designed for strength, flexibility, activity, mental focus and rapid comprehension—and continual self-healing and regeneration. Years of evolution have created this wonder of nature that is YOU!”

And Your Body Comes with a Manual…
…But you have to read it!

Science, learning and experience have discovered that this manual is lying dormant inside you, waiting for you tap into your body’s full potential, maximizing performance year after year no matter what your goal is.

Not Just for Athletes!

Superior performance is not just for athletes – it’s for all of us, and it’s for YOU!

It’s time to pull out the manual and jump start the performance of your most elaborate, wonderful possession – your body!

And, that amazing optimal performance manual is…

The Heal Total Body Makeover Program!

This is the revolutionary answer that will help you to the easiest and quickest way to your optimal health.

  • Have you ever experienced a diet that was working but failed and put all the weight back on?
  • Have you ever exercised consistently for weeks or even months and not really lost the weight?
  • Does it seem as if it just takes too much time to exercise and eat right…so you’ve gotten around to it?

By working with The Heal Total Body Makeover program you will pick up the tools to successfully bring back your health…

…for life!

And it’s easier than you ever imagined…

…even with your busy lifestyle!

The Secret to the Heal Total Body Makeover Program

What’s the secret that makes this program so revolutionary?

People commonly assume that optimizing their body involves change in just one area:

  • Find that best unique diet program.
  • Spend more time in the gym.
  • Improve mental outlook and attitude.
  • Stop that bad habit: Smoking, Sitting for hours…
  • Schedule regular serious doctor visits.

The key to a real sustainable body makeover is to work on all these areas of your health together in an integrated way.

What’s Included in the Heal Total Body Makeover Program?

You’ll receive a self-paced online program that guides you through a process involving:

  • Education: You’ll learn the most up-to-date scientific study of how the body works.
  • Vision Creation: We’ll help you visualize true health vs. focusing on problems.
  • Implementation: You receive a step-by-step process guide to your total body makeover.
  • Customization: There is no “One Size Fits All” when it comes to optimal your astounding health. You are unique and we’ll help you to a unique breakthrough with a plan that works especially for YOU
  • Convenience: Your Total Body Makeover is designed to fit your lifestyle, at your own pace.

16 Bite-Sized Modules to Transform Your Health

Glenn Hall
Internationally Recognized Ultimate Expert Bodyworker Specialist.

Shoshi Hall
Master Movement Educator in Structural Body Therapy Healing

Created by Glenn and Shoshi Hall…

…bringing you the best of a life-time of education and experience working with 1000’s of clients including celebrities, CEO’s, billionaires, high profile clients and professional athletes.

Glenn and Shoshi’s mission is to profoundly facilitate changes for people experiencing persistent bondage to pain and disease.

Glenn Hall, though born with a dysfunctional bad back and disabled from a shoulder surgery, has gone on to become a world-renowned expert in the field of bodywork with a background in 10 different hands on manual therapies.

Shoshi Hall has been working with human body performance for over 4 decades and is a master movement educator with certifications in the advanced methodologies of Pilates, Gyrotonics, Chen Style Tai Chi, Yoga and structural body healing. She has trained Cirque De Sole performers at the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas and has a goal to awaken the body, mind & soul through the power of movement and erase physical and emotional trauma, enabling a pain-free life. 


Benefits of the Heal Total Body Makeover Program

  • Enjoy more! Experience the best health of your life.
  • Age Less! Reverse the aging process to look and feel 10 years younger.
  • Do more! Engage in activities you have given up as impossible.
  • Experience more! Life is more enjoyable with improved energy and mental alertness.
  • Show more! Enjoy watching the kids and grandkids try to keep up with you!

What do you expect might be the cost of a program capable of helping you to your best lifetime condition?

Popular diet programs…….$350-1475/mo

Gym membership…………..$58-150/mo

Total conservative estimate: $408/mo

Now add in these costs of just one bad health month that could have been avoided through use of the Heal Total Body Makeover Program:

Lost work due to injury or sickness….$3000 – $8,000 or more

Hospitalization, pharmaceuticals….$50,000 – $500,000 or more

Total Conservative Estimate: $53,000

Finally, add in this value:

Activities you thought you’d never enjoy again, now possible!!….$Priceless

Additional years of health and happiness added to your life!!….$Priceless

Kids and grandkids struggling to keep up with YOU!!!!….$Priceless

What value would you put on a program capable of giving you ALL these benefits?

Your Priceless Total Body Makeover Program…

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