Supercharge Your Creativity and Energy To Increase Your Productivity 10X By Upgrading YOUR OWN Internal Software!

You Spend $1000s on Computers, Software and Education to Give You a Competitive Edge. Now Multiply Their Effectiveness 10X by Upgrading YOUR OWN Internal Software!

**10x Energy – 10X Creativity – 10X Mental Sharpness**

Gives you the mental sharpness and energy to master new software more rapidly, accelerate your design and implementation of business strategy quickly and effectively, convert more sales conversations to new clients, bounce back faster from discouraging experiences, maintain your energy and drive throughout until you accomplish your goals!

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Supercharge Your Brain and Body To More Productively…

Generate Winning Ideas

All success begins with a powerful idea. You’ll find yourself coming up with more winning ideas.


Increase Mental Focus

The food you eat and your activity level can contribute to brain fog or to incredible mental sharpness and focus.


Research More Effectively

Onboard faster with new software. Increase the speed with which you take in and process new information.


Rapidly Solve Problems

Your ability to more rapidly solve problems will keep you from getting side-tracked so you can stay on course.

Overcome Barriers

Barriers come to everyone unexpectedly. You’ll find yourself bouncing back more quickly and keeping a positive success attitude that blasts away feelings of discouragement and exhaustion.

Avoid Pain, Feel Good

Sitting for long hours at your computer can lead to repetitive motion injury and pain that distracts. Find easy ways to avoid injury so you are always operating at 100%.

Communicate More Effectively

When you’re at your mental, emotional and physical best you communicate more effectively with clients, your work team, sales prospects, service techs and your most significant personal relationships creating better results.

Market with Greater Impact

Your increased mental clarity, focus and energy will help you create and broadcast more effective emails, social media posts and videos.

Do Everything Faster!

Imagine how much you will accomplish when you cut your strategy, design and production time by 10X.

Rapidly Achieve Your Goals

Accomplish your financial, personal, health and fitness goals to experience more rapid success!!

The BIGGEST Problem With Succeeding in Your Business Is…

Lack of the energy, mental clarity, focus and endurance. You need energy, mental clarity, focus and endurance to:

  • Quickly discover the winning idea you need to design your next service or product…
  • Map out a strategy to turn your winning idea into reality.
  • Research, acquire and onboard yourself with the tools you will need.

Imagine getting new software up and running 10X faster. It’s the difference between getting stalled and pressing forward to success!

  • Overcome the barriers you are sure to face along the way.
  • Accomplish more in less time so that you can do more of the things you love.
  • Get a life, while still experiencing business and financial success.
  • See your plans through to completion.
  • Overcome the mental and emotional exhaustion that causes you to get sidetracked by the next shiny object.
  • Find, understand and easily activate that self-improvement plan that will get and keep your body, mind and emotions in a state that is unstoppable!


Look, This New Revolutionary Body/Mind Technology Is Now Needed More Than Ever Thanks To Covid!

Okay, you’re likely thinking… Your inbox is crammed every day with “Woo Woo” brain and body health programs. Just go to YouTube or Social Media to see endless videos and posts… And while many of these programs are valuable and produce some results, what we have to show you today will quickly take your physical and mental capability to new heights you have never before experienced!

And since we find ourselves working from home in social isolation, now more than ever… we need the mental, physical and emotional fitness to be able to operate our business and engage with the public online with energy and endurance that is renewed, fresh, innovative and powerful at every moment.

Let’s face it, if you’re not able to create and sustain the momentum you need to run a business from home today, you won’t have the ability to succeed going forward. And so the time has come to recharge your body and mind to overcome every obstacle both expected and unanticipated…

At Last You Can Find the Mental Sharpness, Focus and the Physical Endurance You Need to Succeed! Simply…

Log into your Heal Total Body and Brain Makeover Systemdashboard from your own computer anywhere you have an internet connection.

Watch one of over 50 brief lesson videos. Video notes included for those who prefer to read.

Take a brief quiz to ensure you’ve captured the essential information.

Complete an assignment that will, like your very own health coach, guide you to internalize and apply the lesson content to your life and daily habits.

Just Imagine if You Could Use This Revolutionary Heal Program Body/Mind Technology to Enable You to Perform 10X Better in Every Business and Personal Endeavor You Undertake… Well Now You Can! 

Watch This Overview Video to See What’s Included 

You can now find the accelerated mental sharpness, emotional positivity and physical stamina to design and accomplish all those tasks on your list that will move you with more speed and focus to achieve your goals!

Meet the Creators of the Heal Total Body and Brain Makeover System! 

…bringing you the best of a life-time of education and experience working with 1000’s of clients including celebrities, CEO’s, billionaires, high profile clients and professional athletes.

Glenn Hall

Internationally Recognized Ultimate Expert Bodyworker Specialist.

Glenn Hall, though born with a dysfunctional bad back and disabled from a shoulder surgery, has gone on to become a world-renowned expert in the field of bodywork with a background in 10 different hands on manual therapies.

Shoshi Hall

Master Movement Educator in Structural Body Therapy Healing

Shoshi Hall has been working with human body performance for over 4 decades and is a master movement educator with certifications in the advanced methodologies of Pilates, Gyrotonics, Chen Style Tai Chi, Yoga and structural body healing. She has trained Cirque De Sole performers at the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas and has a goal to awaken the body, mind & soul through the power of movement and erase physical and emotional trauma, enabling a pain-free life.

And Meet One of Our Raving Fans! 

The Heal Total Body and Brain Makeover System Delivers Comprehensive Health Coaching… (It’s Valuable Whether You’re Just Getting Started in Your Personal Health Program or You Are a Seasoned Health Professional)

Primal Eating and Movement

Your health foundation is firmly grounded in the science of how your body was designed…receive help in getting back to your healthy foundation!.

Your Premium Fuel

You’ll be surprised to discover the difference between food that bloats your body and fogs your brain and premium fuel foods that energize your body and sharpen your mind.

Boost Your Brain Health

Learn how your thoughts are the most important factor in your health and how to train your brain to support your health.

Insulin and Diet

Learn how insulin regulates your other hormones, your health and how to decrease unhealthy body fat storage.

Poisons In Your Pantry

Learn how to identify and eliminate poisons from your pantry and everywhere in your life so they will no longer sap your energy and lower your productivity.

Healthy Pantry

Learn how to restock your pantry with food that energizes your brain and body, boosting your imagination and your productivity.

Get Up and Move Challenge

Learn how long periods of sitting can be as damaging as smoking. Discover simple movements you can make throughout the day to break up the sitting to renew mind and body.

Beneficial Exercise

Not all exercise is beneficial. Learn powerful, simple beneficial exercise movements you can do at home or in your neighborhood park!

4 Important Habits

You need these habits in your life… without them you will never be able to operate at your 100% highest and best.

The Reason Why

The difference between success and failure in personal health goals comes down to having a strong reason why. Learn how to tap into motivation that propels you all the way to your goals!

This is Just a Small Sampling of What’s in the Heal Total Body and Brain Makeover System. There’s a Lot More!

People Just Like You Are Getting Extraordinary Results Using The Heal Program Here’s Just Some Of Their Feedback!

I never know where to begin, I have spent most of my life trying to eat right and exercise. It seemed to be very structured and not much fun. In April 2019 I started a new way of living with Glenn and Shoshi’s guidance. At 56, I have gone from feeling exhausted when I played with my grandchildren or just a short hike to feeling like I’m in my 20s. It has been a very long time since I’ve felt as good as I feel now! With Glenn and Shoshi’s help and guidance, my way of eating and exercising has changed. I eat better quality food and I have a much larger menu. My exercise method has changed for the better.

With the fundamentals that I learned from Glenn and Shoshi I started my transformation. In April 2019 at 5’ 5 I was 167 with a 33-inch waist, by July I had dropped 27 lbs. and weigh 140 and holding. My waist is now a 28”. I look and feel younger than I can describe in words.

I can see and feel muscle I could never see before. I can now keep up with my grandkids and dogs. I play, hike, swim, slackline, and bike ride. Everything is more fun when you feel better. I have been able to change my way of thinking, so living is healthier and easier. Glenn and Shoshi are incredible people who I believe really care about helping others truly live a better way of life. I enjoy life, exercising, and I love food. They make it easy and you see results. I enjoy feeling and looking younger.

-Paul Hayes

Paul Hayes

Dear Glenn and Shoshi,

Going back about 5 to 10 years ago I have been fighting my weight up and down! I have been faced with lots of stress in my daily life!! Not knowing how to handle it I would exercise and eat pretty healthy, but my way of thinking healthy was not healthy at all!! So, started thinking what I could do besides exercise and try and change my eating habits!! Thought plastic surgery and liposuction but wanted something natural!!

Your program gave me tips on how to make the program a way of life. I will continue the program for life because it’s something I can control!

Since I started program, I have lost 40 pounds and counting!! I feel that going through life and doing weight watchers and exercising and eating this is the BEST program I have used!! It was not! It really is a way of life and NOT a diet and all!! All my gratitude goes to Glenn and Shoshi! I feel that I got my life back at age 51 and I feel like I’m back in my 30’s! If you get a chance definitely give their program a chance!!

Thank you for everything!!

-Jill Garcia

Jill Garcia

Working with Shoshi and Glenn has changed my beliefs, my attitude and my life in general.

By changing what I eat with the combination of Pilates, I have seen results that that I had given up hope on ever achieving. My goals for optimal health (ridding myself of stomach issues, headaches, anxiety) were met .

But as a bonus, I lost weight, body fat and inches. AT 56, I had settled on keeping the thickness around my waist and fighting high cholesterol. No matter how much I exercised or changed my diet, the weight stayed and the high cholesterol continued. After only 3 months of working with Glenn on food and Shoshi on Pilates, I lost 12 pounds, 7% Body Fat, 4 inches off my waist.

My Dr. was blown away by my blood work. Bad cholesterol was low and good cholesterol was high. He said, “What have you been doing?” and “Keep doing it?”.

I have learned so much about food and exercise and how it affects the body. I have made lifetime changes that I can live with forever. I eat better now, work out less and have had better results than ever in my life. Long term results. I feel my youth returning, I have lots of energy, I sleep better than ever and I feel I can accomplish anything. Of all my years of exercising and trying to eat healthy, I wish I would have had the knowledge I have now.

Thank you Shoshi, Thank you Glenn!!!

–Lisa Faircloth

Lisa Faircloth

Don’t Just Take Our Word on How Powerful the Heal Total Body and Brain Makeover System Will Be for Your Business and Life…

Based on State of the Art Science

Mind ~ Body ~ Emotions

Brain Training Technology
The Heal Total Body and Brain Makeover System is grounded in the most up to date science of how the brain works and how to optimize you brain.

Michael Stryker, University of California neuroscientist noted that the common belief as recent as 15 years ago has been debunked. The belief holds that the infant and child brain is highly malleable but becomes resistant to change and growth in adulthood. Scientific research has revealed adult brain plasticity – ability to change. Cognitive brain therapy (CBT) examines how our thoughts and feelings impact our behavior. A 2012 summary of over 100 CBT studies revealed that cognitive brain therapy can combat anxiety, bulimia, anger, stress and mental illnesses that cause pain. Mary Alvord, a Maryland-based clinical psychologist predicts that mindfulness meditation techniques, which encourage practitioners to be in tune with the present moment may at some point be as effective as pharmaceuticals.

Physical Fitness Technology
The Heal Total Body and Brain Makeover System is grounded in the most up to date science of how to optimize your physical health.

The Mayo Clinic identifies 5 elements of a balanced fitness routine: Aerobic fitness, strength training, core exercises, balance training and flexibility stretching.

Aerobic activity is sustained activity like walking, running, cycling or swimming. Aerobic exercise has been proven to oxygenate your body and promote healthy heart, lung fitness and blood oxygen transport through your body and brain. Your brain will fire more rapidly and your endurance and creativity increase. The Department of Health and Human Services recommends that you get at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity a week, or a combination of moderate and vigorous activity.

Strength training increases bone strength and muscular fitness and can contribute to successful weight management. The Heal Total Body and Brain Makeover System guides you to efficiently and safely strength train without the need to go to a gym.

Balance training stabilizes your core muscles helping to prevent falls and fractures whether you’re engaged in your favorite sport or wanting to maintain balance and independence as you age. Many of The Heal Total Body and Brain Makeover System exercises include the important element of balance.

Flexibility training and stretching make both everyday activities and athletic endeavors safer by improving your range of motion. In addition, they promote better posture which affects self-confidence. The Heal Total Body and Brain Makeover System offers guidance in safe and effective stretching.

Best Foods to Energize your Body and Sharpen Your Mind
The Heal Total Body and Brain Makeover System is grounded in the most up to date science of how to nutritionally maximize your body for optimal physical performance.

Here’s an important summary from a research study by Jeff S. Volek, registered dietitian and professor at the Department of Human Sciences at Ohio State University; Stephen D. Phinney, Professor of Medicine Emeritus at the University of California-Davis; and Tim Noakes, South African Scientist and an emeritus professor in the Division of Exercise Science and Sports Medicine at the University of Cape Town.

“The most efficient approach to accelerate the body’s ability to oxidize fat is to lower dietary carbohydrate intake to a level that results in nutritional ketosis (i.e., circulating ketone levels >0.5 mmol/L) while increasing fat intake for a period of several weeks. The coordinated set of metabolic adaptations that ensures proper interorgan fuel supply in the face of low-carbohydrate availability is referred to as keto-adaptation.

Beyond simply providing a stable source of fuel for the brain, the major circulating ketone body, beta-hydroxybutyrate, has recently been shown to act as a signaling molecule capable of altering gene expression, eliciting complementary effects of keto-adaptation that could extend human physical and mental performance beyond current expectation.”

The Heal Total Body and Brain Makeover System is designed based on this scientific approach.

The Psychology of Emotional Well-Being
The Heal Total Body and Brain Makeover System is grounded in the most up to date science in attaining optimal emotional health.

The University of Michigan Health Service identifies the following primary factors needed to optimal emotional health:

  • Value Yourself
  • Take Care of Your Body
  • Surround Yourself with Good People
  • Give Yourself
  • Learn How to Deal with Stress
  • Set Realistic Goals
  • Break up the Monotony
  • Avoid Alcohol and Other Drugs
  • Get Help When You Need It

These and other key principles are fully integrated into The Heal Total Body and Brain Makeover System. It’s one thing to study and recognize these principles. The Heal Total Body and Brain Makeover System along with it’s bonus Primeval 90-Day Calendar guides and helps you activate these principles into your daily behavior and life.

Watch the Heal Program in Action to See How Easy it is to Get Up and Running to 10X Your Productivity and Results

So It Makes Total Sense to Focus on Every Aspect of Your health: Diet, Fitness, Mindset and Emotions, Instead of Focusing on Just Your Diet, Fitness, Mindset or Emotional Health Alone…

Now Let’s Talk Weight Loss… While It’s Important to Get to Your Ideal Weight, It’s Not Enough Anymore!

While there are a multitude of programs available that promise to help you lose weight, did you know you could be at your ideal weight and still be unhealthy…even classified as obese? Your best health is a combination of many factors working together:

  • Yes, your body weight is one.
  • Add to this, body fat content and muscle mass.
  • There’s your activity level and how you move.
  • And… the quality of the food you consume and the fuel you give your body and brain.
  • Include the thoughts and emotions you experience on a daily basis.
  • The habits you form create results that either support or sabotage your success. 
  • And this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your total health.

How can you perform at your best unless you feed your body, mind and daily habits with the best? 

This is the focus of the Heal Total Body and Brain Makeover System: Helping you give yourself the best to that you can be your best!

Imagine the Progress You Could Make if You Had Two Career Health Coaches with Over 40 Years Experience and Training At Your Call 24/7?

Just picture tuning up every aspect of your body, mind and emotions, to reach an ultimate level conditioning beyond anything you previously thought possible.

Your new level of personal conditioning has a purpose and is creating amazing daily results in your level of energy, self confidence, creativity, mental sharpness and endurance.

  • How would this affect your business?
  • How would it affect your personal relationships?

That’s EXACTLY what the Heal Total Body and Brain Makeover System can do for you and your business and much more… the possibilities are truly limitless! If you don’t agree with me, you will soon… Because when you see the power for yourself of being able to not only perform at your peak potential, but follow up with your visitors, prospects and even customers to an extent you have never seen before…

You’ll quickly realize that the Heal Total Body and Brain Makeover System can take your business to a whole new level, regardless of your business type, whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned entrepreneur in search of continual improvement…

The Heal Total Body and Brain Makeover System does what other programs cant… and it all starts on a dashboard you can access 24/7 from your own computer anywhere you have an internet connection!

The FUTURE Of Peak Performance In Business and In Life Is Finally Here!

You Can Now Leverage Our Amazing Experience, Knowledge and Coaching To Optimize Your Internal Software to Get:

Deciding to Create 10X Improvement Does Not Make it So!

How many people do you know who gave up on their new year’s self improvement resolutions? According to a 2012 Harris study, 73% of people who set New Year’s resolutions give up within 6 weeks! Whether you aim to lose weight, get fit, change your brain or accelerate your business growth, the act of setting a resolution does not make it so. Most people can cite at least 4 times in the past where they have set resolutions and given up. Here are a few of the stumbling blocks they identify: 

  • For 42% it was “too difficult” to follow through
  • For 38% pit was “too hard to get back on track” once they lost their momentum
  • For 36% it was “too hard to set aside the time” needed to succeed

The Benefits of the Heal Total Body and Brain Makeover System In Your Business and Life Are Tenfold… The Latest And Greatest Internal Software Upgrading Power House Is Finally Here!

And when we say internal software upgrading power house, we mean it… Not only do you get to instantly start upgrading your physical energy, mental sharpness and emotional framework to accelerate every business goal imaginable from education to product creation to marketing and new client acquisition so that you profit like crazy (and in a way that you’ve never experienced before); you also will experience the new creativity and imagination that continually drive your success to the next level

Look, when you quickly realize the self confidence that comes with easily reaching your ideal weight, losing that brain fog that used to hit after your peak production time, that you respond more quickly and with more assurance in conversations, that you design and create that best marketing video in a fraction of the time it used to take and that obstacles only create more energy and determination and confidence…you’ll soon see that you now are able to reach new levels of success you always thought were reserved for a few celebrities and stars in your profession

And know this, the market for your products and services has never been greater… Imagine what you could accomplish when operating at your highest and best creativity, energy, mental sharpness and focus. At last there are no barriers able to stop you! Upgrade your internal software at your own pace using The Heal Total Body and Brain Makeover System Dashboard to increase your business results by 10X. Discover what you can accomplish when you’re operating at your full potential!

And since this is strictly a one time limited opportunity to grab the entire Heal Total Body and Brain Makeover System Dashboard for a one time fee, you’re going to miss out BIG TIME if you don’t take action on this quickly

If You want to rapidly upgrade your internal software – body, brain and emotions – to rapidly grow your business, utilizing one convenient central dashboard…

Just Use the Heal Total Body and Brain Makeover System

Use The Heal Total Body and Brain Makeover System For Yourself. Or Better Yet – Leverage the Heal Program to Help You Provide the Highest Quality Support to Customers. In Fact, Find Out How You Can Even Sell the Heal Program to Your Business Clients and Your Friends and Family – Anywhere On the Planet – To Create a New Stream of Income While Helping Others Achieve Their Highest and Best Health!

The World’s Best & Most Results Driven Total Body, Brain an Emotions Platform for Upgrading Your Own Internal Software for Maximum Performance!

Look, it doesn’t get any easier to 10x your body, brain and business performance to think faster, create better, press on in high energy at your emotional best…because The Heal Body and Brain Total Makeover Program, like your own personal coach, will move you forward with easy, achievable small steps that quickly amount to big results.

Step 1:

First you log into your Heal Total Body and Brain Makeover System dashboard and listen to a brief 1-2 minute video that explains a health strategy in such simple and clear terms you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it. You’ll immediately begin to think of ways to apply it to your health habits. It makes great sense!

Step 2:

Take a quiz to ensure you captured the key concepts you need to know in order to apply the information in a way that will help you create a BIG positive result for yourself.

Step 3 :

Accomplish an assignment that will help you integrate the new learning into your daily habits so you can begin to quickly experience positive results. Then, go to the next video when you are ready and repeat this simple process.

Every Big Change Is the Result of Consistent, Small Changes

The Heal Total Body and Brain Makeover System Features the Most Complete Platform You Will Even Need for Upgrading Your Own Internal Software:

16 Powerful Learning and Activity Modules Guide Your Complete Body – Brain – Emotions Makeover

Start Off On the Right Track

Understand how this unique Body – Mindset – Emotions makeover program is designed for you, what you can expect and how to succeed.

Recover What You’ve Lost

We’ll take you all the way back to your primal origins to help you recover what you’ve lost..

Discover Your High Performance Fuel

Fat’s gotten a bad rap. You’ll learn how some fats are actually like high performance fuel for your body and brain.

Tune Up Thoughts and Behavior

Understand the connection between your thoughts and behavior so you can determine what you experience vs. your experiences controlling you.

Master Your Master Hormone

Insulin can either work for you or against you. Learn how to influence this crucial system.

Clear Your Pantry of Poisons

Learn how to identify and eliminate common foods in your pantry that are slowly poisoning you, draining your energy and limiting your performance.

Power Up!

Restock your pantry with foods that increase your energy, sharpen your brain and boost creativity and productivity.

Dine Out Healthy

Enjoy dining out without falling off the wagon. Learn how to point your menu choices in healthy directions.

Healthy Focus on Health

Simplify your health habits so they will be sustainable. Health habits should serve you, not the other way around!

Jumpstart Your Body and Brain

Learn how to break up long periods of sitting at the computer with brief, powerful, creative body and brain energizing movement sessions.

Exercise Effectively

Some forms of exercise can break your body down, exhaust your brain and increase your weight. Other forms of exercise energize you. Learn the difference.

Discover “Low Level Conditioning”

Learn how “low level conditioning” actually produces high level results!

Exercise Correctly

We’ll introduce you to 4 basic types of exercise you can do in your local park. Done correctly, these types of exercise build muscle and strength while helping you avoid injury.

4 Vital Keys to Health

Miss out on any of these 4 keys and you’ll compromise all aspects of your health. We’ll help you manage these to accelerate your health goals.

Inspire Yourself to Succeed

We’ll help you to get in touch with your unique, inspiring motivation that along can drive your success. What is your strong “Reason Why?”

Aim for Continual Improvement

Continual business improvement is supported by continual body, brain and emotional health improvement. Explore your next step beyond the Heal Body and Brain Makeover Program

You Won’t Find Another Total Health Improvement Program That Comes Close, Especially At This Low Incredible One Time Price…

Ready To Put The FULL Power Of Your Body and Brain Operating at 100% Into YOUR Business?

The Heal Total Body and Brain Makeover System has you covered. Today, Tomorrow & Long term… Just like those top 1-percenters – the celebrities –  you hear about in your profession, YOU can now have super creativity, mental focus, physical stamina constantly working for you that will continually drive your business to new levels, faster and with more ease than you are experiencing at your current level.  And With The Heal Total Body and Brain Makeover System… this super health coaching is available to your 24/7 on your own dashboard whether you’re at home and just need a quick brain boost break or on vacation and want to check in to continue your internal software upgrade or you want to take a personal retreat for an extreme focus and upgrade.

Building Your Home Business DOESN’T Have To Be Hard. It doesn’t have to drain you energy and destroy your body!

ALL it takes is upgrading your internal software with the same serious priority you give to your computer’s software and the other aspects of your business.

  • SHARPENING your brain for greater creativity, focus and follow-through…
  • ENERGIZING your body for greater endurance and increased self-confidence…
  • ELEVATING your mindset and emotions for that “bounce back” ability when you encounter obstacles and unconquerable forward momentum all the way to the achievement of your goals and dreams! 

The Heal Total Body and Brain Makeover System is your guide and coach to achieve all this and more, WITHOUT the hassle of a monthly investment, inconvenient trips to a gym, purchase of expensive special equipment.

It’s the power of some common sense expert coaching and guidance.

With all the offers you are receiving for this or that “latest and greatest” home business supporting software of gadget… Who else is supporting you in this way? Who else is the advocate for upgrading your own internal software? This is your opportunity to fill in a huge blank in your business improvement strategy…


Glenn Hall

Shoshi Hall

“Join The Heal Total Body and Brain Makeover System NOW And Pay Zero Monthly Fees”

  • Your Total Internal Software Upgrade Platform

  • Guided Step by Step Process - Small Steps, Big Results!

  • Over 80 Brief But Powerful Instruction Videos

  • 16 Lessons and Review Quizes

  • 16 Detailed Assignments to Help You Put Learning Into Your Daily Practice

  • Vivid Instructional Charts and Lists

  • Eating to Upgrade Body, Brain and Emotional Outlook

  • Movement to Upgrade Body, Brain and Emotional Outlook

  • Upgrade Productivity with Premium Fuel

  • Upgrade Research Capability and Ability to Quickly Process New Information

  • Upgrade Your Ability to Rapidly Solve Problems

  • Upgrade Your Ability to Overcome Barriers That Threaten to Stall Your Forward Momentum

  • Avoid Pain and Damage from Sitting Long Hours In Front of Your Computer

  • Communicate More Effectively

  • Market with Greater Impact

  • Do Everything Faster

  • Rapidly Achieve Your Goals

Normal Price: $47/month


Only $97

Purchase The Heal Total Body and Brain Makeover System Today To Get The BEST POSSIBLE Results From The Get Go With Our Special Heal Program Launch Bonuses!

Bonus #1

The Heal Program reveals the foods that create your optimal health.

  • We show you how to rid harmful foods from your pantry that contribute to excessive weight, physical sluggishness and brain fog.
  • We show you how to restock your pantry with healthy foods that trim your body, create energy and sharpen your thinking.

However, as you transform your diet, you may find it helpful to have some starter recipes. Here they are in The Heal Primeval Cook Book.

Enjoy great food while eating healthy like our primeval ancestors!

Delicious, healthy new recipes created by health experts Glenn and Shoshi Hall!


Bonus #2

It’s one thing to have a step-by-step tutorial for your Total Body Makeover. You receive this with the Heal Total Body and Brain Makeover System.

How great would it be to have a systematic daily planner that walks you day-by-day through the crucial first 90 days of your Total Body and Brain Makeover?

The Primeval Calendar is just that!

It’s fully interactive:

  • Navigate using convenient descriptive links…just like navigating a well-designed website!

Customize the planner to fit your own schedule and needs:

  • The calendar is fully editable in PowerPoint.
  • Don’t have PowerPoint? Download and enjoy the interactive .pdf version!

These are NOT generic PLR bonuses!!

We created them especially to accelerate your success with the Heal Total Body and Brain Makeover System!!

Here’s What We Recommend For You Right Now

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You’ll receive the entire system for the limited one-time purchase price before we go to a monthly subscription model. Plus, you get access to all the amazing bonuses. You can immediately begin to upgrade your internal software, accelerate your business growth and benefit in all aspects of your life… So it just makes sense… try it right now, while you can lock in access to The Heal Total Brain and Body Makeover System for a HEAVILY Discounted, ONE-TIME Price, and forget having to pay any additional monthly fees. You will be grandfathered in when you join us today, but of course, this opportunity is strictly limited and won’t be up for long… As soon as this launch is over, we will be offering The Heal Total Body and Brain Makeover System as a monthly subscription, which means monthly fees and other charges as we progress…

But look… Right now if you take action today, you can even give The Heal Total Brain and Body Makeover System a trial run Risk Free, as you are covered with our 30-day no questions refund guarantee… If you don’t like The Heal Total Brain and Body Makeover System for whatever reason, say no more, and we will refund you in full… no questions asked!

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  • Your Total Internal Software Upgrade Platform

  • Guided Step by Step Process - Small Steps, Big Results!

  • Over 80 Brief But Powerful Instruction Videos

  • 16 Lessons and Review Quizes

  • 16 Detailed Assignments to Help You Put Learning Into Your Daily Practice

  • Vivid Instructional Charts and Lists

  • Eating to Upgrade Body, Brain and Emotional Outlook

  • Movement to Upgrade Body, Brain and Emotional Outlook

  • Upgrade Productivity with Premium Fuel

  • Upgrade Research Capability and Ability to Quickly Process New Information

  • Upgrade Your Ability to Rapidly Solve Problems

  • Upgrade Your Ability to Overcome Barriers That Threaten to Stall Your Forward Momentum

  • Avoid Pain and Damage from Sitting Long Hours In Front of Your Computer

  • Communicate More Effectively

  • Market with Greater Impact

  • Do Everything Faster

  • Rapidly Achieve Your Goals

Normal Price: $47/month


Only $97

The Heal Total Body and Brain Makeover System Is The Now And The Future When It Comes To Upgrading Your Own Internal Software to Optimize Your Business!

We realize this is different than the marketing systems you’re used to seeing for home based businesses. Those systems have to do with helping you manage your website, social media, email marketing and other marketing processes.

For the first time you’re seeing a system that helps you upgrade your own INTERNAL software, which makes ALL those other marketing systems perform more effectively.

Let’s face it. You’ll either recognize the incredible value we’re offering you within minutes, and grab one of the strictly limited Heal Total Body and Brain Makeover System accounts for yourself today, or you won’t. And if you don’t take action on this one time opportunity, you’ll lose out. In addition, your clients will lose your upgraded ability to better serve them. You may never have the joy and satisfaction that comes from seeing what you can accomplish when you’re operating at your 10X peek highest and best. We don’t want that for you…

So here are some quick facts one last time to help you decide:

  • You’re soon getting access to the latest internal software optimization technology: Your Body, Your Brain, Your Emotions and Mindset
  • You’re getting unlimited access to over 80 powerful instruction videos, 16 lessons and review quizzes, 16 hands-on assignments to help you quickly internalize this powerful new way to be operating your home based business at your highest and best capability.
  • Right after you take the purchase action today, you’ll have instant 24/7 ANYWHERE access to your complete Heal Total Body and Brain Makeover System dashboard where you can proceed at your own pace… gradual step by step or an all at once blitz!
  • You can use your amazing internally upgraded software to more rapidly and effectively launch a new product, conduct a marketing campaign, write and send a blog, create social media posts, script and shoot a video. Yes, you’ll continue to use all the tools you are currently using, but with your upgraded internal software those tools will all work better, faster and create more astonishing results.

Because look the reality is… the risk here for trying The Heal Total Body and Brain Makeover System is actually on US…

Take The Heal Total Body and Brain Makeover System for a test drive for a full 30 days… If you don’t agree that this internal software upgrade system is the best investment you made this year for you and your business, you’ll be refunded in full and we can part ways as friends… See, every so often something new comes along that changes the marketing game online, so you’ll either realize this here right now or you won’t. If you do decide to join and make the wise choice… We can’t wait to see you on the inside, and we can’t wait to help you achieve your dreams with your online ventures for the long term.

All success… The Heal Total Body and Brain Makeover System team!

Glenn Hall
CEO, Bodywork Tech

Shoshi Hall
CEO, Body Movement Tech

David Smith
Marketing Director

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this Server Based?

    This is a web-based application that you access via your browser!

  • Are there any other costs I need to use The Heal Total Body and Brain Makeover System?

    There are absolutely no other costs. You can get started upgrading your internal software, business and life immediately!

  • Do You have any Upgrade offers?

    Yes! Since your internal software upgrade begins a life-long process of continual improvement, we’re here with you for the long run. We’re here to help you go further and further toward your highest and best peak performance. Upgrade offers include group and individual coaching and additional optimization tools as we create them.

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