Margaret Lui

Hi Glenn,

Margaret Lui here. I was referred to you by Tony Pearson a few weeks ago, and ended up coming over to your office on November 29 (1300-1430) for some help with my left knee.

After our first session, my left knee went through a few days of stiffness, but with continued stretching, the tightness started to clear. I was able to almost straighten my left knee (to its full extension point). Today, I am able to straighten my left knee fully, with a little tightness still hanging around the back of the knee area, however, the stretches are helping to alleviate the pressure.
Glenn, my thanks to you for all of your help in getting me fixed up. I can safely say that I have not been wearing my knee wrap as much as I did all year round, following our session. It feels great being able to sit on a chair, and not reach for my left knee, at the ready, to massage it by default. It’s amazing, actually.

Margaret Lui
New Zealand

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Bruce Farris

I was recently introduced to Create Health Therapy through my sister Paula, who had great success with the treatments. Glenn’s abilities were quite amazing as he performed his art on my neck, shoulders, and back. It’s hard to describe exactly what Glenn is doing, however, the end results are you feel more flexible, younger and totally relaxed after a session. Glenn’s attention to detail is unbelievable and totally worth the time and money you will spend with him. Glenn is not only very knowledgeable in Biosync, he also extremely knowledgeable in keeping the body young and healthy.

I will continue with Create Health the rest of my life.

Thank you Glenn.

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Many years of full contact martial arts, along with a couple of car accidents, left me with my share of injuries. After exhausting every kind of medical, holistic, and alternative healing modality, with no lasting results, I started to wonder if my injuries would ever heal.

Fortunately for me, a friend of mine told me about Glenn Hall, and his ability to heal the body with a system Create Health Therapy. After telling me a little about Glenn, his work, and the amazing results that she experienced after just a couple visits, I knew I had to give Glenn a call.

After four sessions with Glenn, I have to say that Glenn is the first person who has provided me with relieve from my injuries in over 15 years… For anyone with chronic injuries who wants to stop taking pain pills, and try and avoid surgery, Glenn is a must!

Steven G. Bernstein
Executive Casino Host

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Chris Sharp

Hello Glenn

I have been playing professional sports for 15 years and in the later years almost being in constant pain. I spent years of flying myself around the world to consult with every type of therapy imaginable to heal my neck pain with next to no results. I really began to wonder if the joys of simple going for a run and the feeling of exhilaration my body once used to give me were gone. I was introduced to Glenn a soft tissue specialist and from the very first session, I knew there something special about this therapy. There was something very different about this therapy and the results I received from each session lasted and I went from strength to strength and began to get back that feeling of unlimitness in my body I once knew very well as an athlete. Now the only thing that limits my body is my creativity, not my body’s pain as now there is none, only exhilaration.

Sidney, Australia

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Johnny Gorsuch


December 6, 2016

A good friend suggested I work with Glenn to help manage my chronic lower back pain. I am a triathlete who underwent surgery for a ruptured disc due to being hit by a car while cycling. The pain and discomfort due to this injury had become something that held me back from not only participating in the sports I love but it prevented me from really embracing life.

Glenn not only eliminated my back problems, he identified areas in my body where the trauma was stored and returned my body to its natural posture. I now walk through the world pain-free.

His philosophy that our bodies store and remember all the trauma we have experienced in our lives was very present with me. Years of training, injuries, broken bones as well as emotional stress had accumulated and made me feel 20 years older than I am.

Glenn’s work is transformational on many levels, it is not instant, it took a few sessions to feel the results however I knew something was different after our first session. I am in awe of what he does, I still don’t understand it all but I have seen the results and they are incredible. He brought me back to moving and feeling like the youthful, strong, powerful athlete I truly am. To swim, bike and run from a centered, focused place of power and strength is the most incredible feeling, one I thought I would never know again.

I am looking forward to our next course of work, nutrition, and training – his knowledge and philosophy are cutting edge, I am excited to look at both from a totally new perspective.

If you want to say goodbye to pain forever and gain an understanding of what an authentic truly healthy lifestyle is all about, I highly recommend working with Glenn. It is the best decision I have ever made!

Johnny Gorsuch

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Randy Wheeler

Hi Glenn.

Sorry, this is so long in coming but I wanted to thank you so much for the hard work and caring you put in to make my life so much better. When we first met I was unable to turn my head easily making it difficult sometimes to drive. I had pain and restricted movement in my right shoulder. Even though I had two previous surgeries that didn’t help it was your understanding and treatment that allowed me to play racquetball again. Lower back pain is a thing of the past. My quality of life is so much better with your treatments and I can’t thank you enough. I would recommend Create Health Therpay and Glenn Hall to anyone suffering from injury or pain using the body’s own systems without drugs.

Randy Wheeler
Las Vegas

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Nick Flores

Glenn is an incredible healer. I have worked with somatic healers before, but none as potent and transformative as he has been in a short period of time. I have had, to-date, 6 sessions with Glenn and each one has unraveled more and more of the psychosomatic trauma I have stored over the years.

I came to Glenn suffering severe, extreme anxiety built up from years and years of self-abuse, both physical and mental. I was at a breaking point and knew I needed something to breakthrough; and, with the help of Glenn Hall, I have had several deep emotional breakthroughs and am on the journey to health and healing.

I am focused and dedicated to my health now and thank Glenn for getting me through some very difficult times. If it weren’t for Glenn, I don’t know where I would be right now. I am looking forward to continue the healing journey with Glenn Hall and working toward optimal physical, emotional and spiritual well-being!

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“A Create Health Glenn Hall
Rids scar tissue to help you stand tall
With Chi elbow and knee
Force and Focus on thee
This Great Guru for body, Glenn Hall”

Due to age (70+), numerous sports’ injuries (skiing, tennis, golf), my body decided to rebel. After 6 months of restricted movement with sharp pain, I took time off from golf and other social commitments for physical therapy. Fourteen sessions of therapy resulted in intense tingling and numbness down my neck, shoulder, and arm, so I had an MRI. The neurosurgeon found two degenerated discs in my neck and scheduled me for surgery and disc fusion.

Daughter Jill Taylor, who knew of Glenn Hall and his Create Health healing technique, shouted “No, Mom. No one is cutting on your neck!” Five therapy treatments later with Glenn, the tingling and numbness disappeared, along with more mobility and less pain. Thanks to Glenn’s positive caring manner, patient explanations, his “chi focus” is now directed on both my shoulders’ past surgeries. It has taken TIME to get dense scar tissue from injuries and surgeries. It is a function of TIME to allow Glenn to unwind the scar tissue and give me back my youthful posture, increased flexibility, and pain-free movement. It is a matter of TIME as I see weekly progress to normalcy. In other words, Glenn is GREAT and WORTH every penny!

Natalie Schneider
March 2011

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Laurie Albrent

Dear Glenn:

I wish to super THANK YOU! for all the help you have given me this last month. Because of you, I can now move without a lot of pain.

Your soft-tissue technique has given me back my range of motion and ability to move freely without the feeling I’m going to break not to mention the peace of mind and tranquility that goes along with the physical aspect.

There should be two of you in every city across the nation so that more people may enjoy the euphoric effects of your therapy sessions. I am so very grateful for all the changes both physical and emotional that you have given back to me. I can’t wait for the next time I’ll be in Vegas so that I can get more treatments.

Again, thank you! Hope to see you again in a couple of months.


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Kevin Cordova

Hi Glenn,

Kevin wrote: “TWO YEARS AGO, on January 1st, 2012, I woke up and the pain was gone!! For the previous 7 months I had experienced such sever sciatic pain, that I wouldn’t have wished this pain upon my worst enemy. Here is some history…..It goes back to July 16, 2001, when I was in a severe car accident. Another car ran a red light, and smashed into my driver’s door at over 50 mph. This is when my back became problematic. I had been told that I had degenerative disc disease, but honestly, who doesn’t? A high percentage of us do, and many never feel pain or discomfort from it their entire lives. In May 2002, the first surgery came due to the accident. It was a discectomy at the L5/S1 vertebrae. In April 2008, the second surgery came as a result of a work related herniation. It was at the L4/L5 vertebrae. The sciatic pain that I felt before these 2 surgeries was INTENSE and CONSTANT. I cannot describe this pain to you in words. Then, more recently, on June 16, 2011, we went on a road trip to New Mexico. Some hours into the drive and I recognized a pain coming on very similar to THAT pain I had known all too well. I was scared shitless!! Low and behold, the pain amplified quickly, AND IT NEVER LET UP. I was hoping after a week or two that the pain would subside (almost like a flare-up or swelling). I saw a pain management doctor and got pain meds. One Lortab 10 every 4-6 hours. Well, I took them religiously every 4 hours. It wasn’t doing enough. The pain was too much, and it was constant. NO change in position helped. I went in and had CORTISONE injections done. No help at all. Didn’t even touch the pain (yeah, I was stunned at this!!). Did another round of them…..nothing. Now, I was losing hope. I was really, truly getting worried that I wouldn’t be able to lift my girls again, or get down on the floor and play with them, or just be a Dad to them. This doctor prescribed a morphine patch in conjunction with the Lortab. This amount of medicine was epic, and it didn’t reduce the pain but maybe by 10-15%. I was stunned, and it was weighing on me cognitively. I was trying to hold it together, but the pain was literally driving me to a place of hopelessness and helplessness. Even if things were labor intensive at work, at least it took my mind off of the pain directly for a while. I then went and tried Acupuncture. This did not help at all. I went and finally did the MRI and saw the Neurosurgeon. He recommended surgery. Well, OF COURSE HE DID. He is a surgeon. He said that my L4/L5 vertebrae were “bone on bone” and crushing my sciatic nerve. He recommended ultimately FUSION of my L4/L5 vertebrae. Then he recommended first having a neurostimulator implant done first. This would simply delay the inevitable…..the FUSION surgery. I am not sure why anyone would recommend putting a bandaid on this very serious problem. It is not as though the problem would just go away. Not only this, but his SURGERY to FUSE my vertebrae, I felt may not have been the answer either. But, he does what he knows, and that is surgeries. That is truly an unfortunate reality. I reluctantly scheduled the neurostimulator implant to be performed on November 1, 2011. I scheduled this because I asked my Neurosurgeon what HE WOULD DO if this was his child. He replied “the implant”. This procedure to install a stimulator would simply send electrical impulses to the affected nerve, that would then tell my brain that I wasn’t feeling as much pain as I think I was!?!!?? That make sense? Yeah, I know. How stupid right? Well, it was around October 1st (about a month before the surgery), and I decided to try Chiropractic. I was scared as hell. The pain was soooo much, and cognitively it was wearing on me. The Chiropractor had zero success. It looked like my only options were the implant to mask the pain (for a while), or the FUSION of my vertebrae. I posted my pain on Facebook a few times, and a Facebook friend chimed in. Nancy Boucher said she had gone through treatments called Create Health Therapy. She said that she had chronic pain in her knee, and that Glenn Hall was able to fix this problem she’d had. She was sure Glenn could help. I then recalled his name. It sounded familiar, but couldn’t place it, but finally did. As a former fitness trainer, two of my clients, a husband and wife had both gone to see Glenn, Krista Waddell and her husband Tom. She had experienced issues in her knee for a long time, and Tom was having a shoulder problem. Both went to see Glenn back in 2006 or 2007 (can’t remember exactly), and then both returned to training all fixed up. I was impressed. So now, I thought, geez, I need to go and see this guy Glenn. He is truly fascinating. The ONLY thing I have found that is more fascinating than Glenn, is the process of how Create Health Therapy works. It is very difficult to describe. I recommend reading up on it. On October 23rd, 2011 (on week before the neurostimulator was to be implanted), I met with Glenn. I had a session with him, and I knew right then, that I needed to give him my full attention. I postponed my implant procedure immediately and indefinitely. Let me try to explain the man, and then I’ll try to explain the process. Glenn believes in each and every one of us. He believes to the depths of his heart, that the body possesses the tools within to heal itself. He believes in you and knows that you can do it. YOU just have to believe that you can. He possesses the skill to recognize and assess any problems. He possesses the knowledge and skill to address them and provide the appropriate therapy to treat YOU. Let me try to explain a session. It is downright painful, however no more painful than the sciatic pain I was already experiencing. He will take you to the brink of your pain threshold. He DOES NOT do this for fun. I believe he does this for many reasons. One of them I believe to be is that he is trying to heal you as fast as possible. I also believe that there is a strong connection between this intense pain, and the will to fight. I WANTED TO FIGHT. And I wanted to win!!! This process is not easily explained nor even understood as to WHY it works….but it does. He has asked me to think about how my skeleton is held together. He explained simply that the skeleton is held together by our LIGAMENTS, TENDONS, MUSCLES AND MYOFASCIA. Think about that for a minute. If there is any trauma to those soft tissue areas, it will have an enormous effect on the skeleton’s natural state. My skeleton was way off, and I was experiencing an insurmountable level of pain, simply because areas of my soft tissue had been traumatized and NEVER REPAIRED. Now I see why acupuncture, surgery, chiropractic therapy or pain meds were not going to help. I had experienced a total of 20 sessions with Glenn. They were 90 minutes sessions. After the 12th session, and on January 1, 2012, my pain subsided. That morning I called my wife (she was away visiting family), and SCREAMED through the phone!! The next morning I discontinued the Lortabs, and peeled the morphine patch off my back. It was an unbelievable feeling to be able to lift my leg again, and especially for the pain to be gone. But, there was still more work to do. My back was crooked to begin with. When we started, Glenn could place ONE finger between my ribs and my hip bone on my right side, and a full fist on the left side. Now that had reduced significantly, and even though the pain was gone, my back was still very weak, and still a bit crooked. There was still more work to be done. I attended 8 more of his sessions, WITHOUT ANY SCIATIC PAIN, and he returned my body back to it’s natural state!!! Glenn, I cannot express my gratitude enough for what you have done. For giving me playtime with my girls again. For giving me my focus back on life. My family and I ride 4-wheelers, and go hiking, and sledding, and ANYTHING we want to do now THANKS TO YOU. I will play it safe with my girls, but always push the limits of their Dad. I will LIVE life, because I truly believe your knowledge, experience, talent, dedication, and goodwill towards others caused one hell of a miracle!!”

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