Tony Pearson
Glenn does amazing work

As a pro athlete ( for the last 25 years, I have suffered chronic muscle pains, but with the treatments of SomaFlow Therapy, I have my life back. Glenn does amazing work, he has helped me tremendously and he has given me my youth back. My muscles are more pliable and my flexibility has been restored to it’s original blueprint, I am pain free! The therapy is incredible work! There is no other treatment that can compare to it.

Tony Pearson

John Goyak
Gives me great results.

“Glenn is an outstanding physical therapist who gets great healing results – even for me, one of his more challenging clients. I have broken my back twice, had my shoulder rebuilt, have an assortment of misaligned vertebrae and chronic injuries, the list goes on. After a session with Glenn, I am incredibly more flexible and virtually pain-free. I play tennis hard and do P90X full-out and play golf (against Dr’s orders) – Glenn keeps my wheels on. He care takes and makes the time for me, and gives me great results. I have sent employees and friends to him and cannot recommend him highly enough.”

John Goyak
End-to-End Enterprise Solutions

Rosalind Starks
I now am experiencing a higher quality of life.

Treatment with Glenn Hall started in February of this year after eight painful months of experiencing a partially frozen left shoulder. I also had tingling from my neck to my right shoulder and pain in my lower back. I had six months of therapy from two different chiropractors and a rolfer with minimal results. It took only a few session before I noticed my left shoulder had more movement and less discomfort. At this time my shoulder is free of the restriction that kept me from fully using my arm. After two months the tingling in my neck and right shoulder was noticeably lessened and the muscles in my lower back have allowed more movement and less pain. Glenn used his skill as a soft-tissue specialist to gain these results. I now am experiencing a higher quality of life as a result of his wonderful work and expect even more as we continue the work.

Rosalind Starks

Shirley Andrews
Shoshi is an expert in her field.

Shoshi is an expert in her field. Always a professional, detailed, and creative.
She has worked with me more than one hundred times, yet every time is new and different. An individual with her integrity and personality is very rare. I am honored to work with Shoshi.

John Dierks
For The First Time In 35 Years - Living Pain Free

This morning I walked out of the house, walked up the hill to the Ramparts, took a deep breath of sweet Mediterranean air, and took off JOGGING for the one mile down to the harbor. The grand change came about after an appointment with Cleo on the 10th of July. The ripping out of the old stuff has been accelerating since my appointments with Mark in April and May. For sure Cleo got the brass ring, rang the bell, or broke the last straw; however you want to describe the final, climactic release.

Thanks to each of you————–it was a long road

Glenn Hall——————————–For being there at the beginning when the back was as
hard as a board and the spine was as twisted as a

John Hanemaayer——————–For those scary, electric shock filled 8 days in Amsterdam
when you calmly talked me through the most frightening
part of the whole experience.

Ruth Santi——————————-For the consist total body Biosync work that seemed to
keep me in always moving in the right direction.

Kellee Antalek————————-For the extra something that personalizes this work. Ama
gives a big kiss and hopes your grandmother is better.

Cleo Dessaint…………………….I’ll be seeing you on the 24th

Since the climactic session, I have walked 4–18 hole rounds of golf. I am sitting, standing, swinging a golf club, sleeping and FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 35 YEARS——LIVING PAIN FREE, AND WITHOUT PAIN MEDICATION!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks so much; may you continue to bring this kind of healthful living to may more people.

Please feel free to use this note as a testimonial if you think it will help convince someone else of the efficacy of this work.


Susan Sorrells
Glenn has been invaluable.

Dear Glenn,

Glenn has been invaluable in helping me break through barriers in achieving and sustaining good health and physical fitness. February 2, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Susan Sorrells
Owner, Shoshone Development Inc.

Shane Mayfield
I too can now attest to the fact that you truly are a miracle worker.

Dear Glenn:

When Dr. Bloch, a current patient of yours, touted you as a miracle worker of sorts and recommended that I seek your professional help, I must candidly admit that I was somewhat skeptical. However, when Jill–the dental hygienist who works with Dr. Bloch and is likewise a current patient of yours–essentially corroborated Dr. Bloch’s opinion, I figured I had nothing to lose at that point by scheduling an appointment with you. This was especially true in light of the fact that I had, over the course of many months, seen several physicians, chiropractors and a physical therapist regarding the immense pain I was suffering in my neck, back and sacrum with virtually no success at all.
I knew, even after that very first session, that you were the only health care provider that I had seen up to that point that was truly on the right course to healing these painful and lingering ailments. Although I did not fully comprehend the therapy method at the time, I have come to appreciate the amazing healing benefits my body has derived from this special and unique technique.
As such, I just wanted to write and say thank you for your time and help in providing me with the physical relief that I was so desperate to obtain. Like Dr. Bloch and Jill, I too can now attest to the fact that you truly are a miracle worker of sorts.

S. Shane Mayfield, Esq.

Roberta Sabbath
I feel more energized and like the way my body moves and looks.

Dear Glenn

My scoliosis has never stopped me from doing whatever sports or work I have wanted to do. On the other hand, I have always felt I needed to be certain to minimize its progression. As a result, I enjoyed the Rolfing treatment for decades, in addition to doing my own routine of stretching. But, after a ballet and Pilates teacher referred me to Glenn an after my first session with Glenn, I knew that I was getting treatment at a quantum level more intense and effective than Rolfing. My scoliosis is almost completely gone and Glenn continues to improve the results of a lifetime of muscle memory resulting from the curvature. I feel more energized and like the way my body moves and looks. February 2, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Roberta Sabbath
Instruction at UNLV