Shane Mayfield
I too can now attest to the fact that you truly are a miracle worker.

Dear Glenn:

When Dr. Bloch, a current patient of yours, touted you as a miracle worker of sorts and recommended that I seek your professional help, I must candidly admit that I was somewhat skeptical. However, when Jill–the dental hygienist who works with Dr. Bloch and is likewise a current patient of yours–essentially corroborated Dr. Bloch’s opinion, I figured I had nothing to lose at that point by scheduling an appointment with you. This was especially true in light of the fact that I had, over the course of many months, seen several physicians, chiropractors and a physical therapist regarding the immense pain I was suffering in my neck, back and sacrum with virtually no success at all.
I knew, even after that very first session, that you were the only health care provider that I had seen up to that point that was truly on the right course to healing these painful and lingering ailments. Although I did not fully comprehend the therapy method at the time, I have come to appreciate the amazing healing benefits my body has derived from this special and unique technique.
As such, I just wanted to write and say thank you for your time and help in providing me with the physical relief that I was so desperate to obtain. Like Dr. Bloch and Jill, I too can now attest to the fact that you truly are a miracle worker of sorts.

S. Shane Mayfield, Esq.

Roberta Sabbath
I feel more energized and like the way my body moves and looks.

Dear Glenn

My scoliosis has never stopped me from doing whatever sports or work I have wanted to do. On the other hand, I have always felt I needed to be certain to minimize its progression. As a result, I enjoyed the Rolfing treatment for decades, in addition to doing my own routine of stretching. But, after a ballet and Pilates teacher referred me to Glenn an after my first session with Glenn, I knew that I was getting treatment at a quantum level more intense and effective than Rolfing. My scoliosis is almost completely gone and Glenn continues to improve the results of a lifetime of muscle memory resulting from the curvature. I feel more energized and like the way my body moves and looks. February 2, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Roberta Sabbath
Instruction at UNLV

Richard Cipollino
My life is much better now that Glenn is in it.

I have known Glenn hall since 1997, and since that time Glenn has been my healer. Glenn with his time proven therapy techniques has corrected numerous problems including a painful shoulder, a painful post laminectomy in the back, a torn triceps muscle and many pinched nerves and other maladies too numerous to mention. Glenn has the ability to deal with the spiritual as well as the physical ailments and center my being. My life is much better now that Glenn is in it. I recently had a pinched nerve that caused weakness in my right arm and numbness in my right thumb and much pain. No one in Phoenix could help me with my situation, including chiropractors, myopractors, and massage therapists. I drove 750 miles round trip for two sessions with Glenn, and the problem is now in my past. I highly recommend Glenn to anyone who seeks to obtain increased health, flexibility, and wholeness of body.

Richard Cipollino,
License Nurse
Phoenix AZ

Pastor Regi Rodgers
He truly has healing hands.

Create Health therapy is something that is totally unexplainable. Every so often in life something comes along that makes you scratch your head in “Awe” and say this is God given. God has given Glenn Hall such a tremendous gift with his hands. Glenn’s hands are potent, lethal and explosive. He truly has healing hands. Everyone should experience this therapy at least one time. If you do, you will be as convinced as I am, that we are privileged that God allowed us the opportunity to sit with such a guru. Thanks Glenn for sharing your treasured gift with the world.

C. Regi Rodgers
Sr. Pastor
Prayer Cathedral International

Randy Blood and Family
Glenn is always there to put us back on the road to recovery.

Dear Mark Lamm,

Thank you for the info included in your e-mail…Our family (mom & dad, daughter and granddaughter) are clients of Glenn Hall in Las Vegas Nevada….The health care Glenn has provided our family over the years and continuing has been a source of comfort and assurance that when we run into one of life’s unexpected challenges, Glenn is always there to put us back on the road to recovery

John (Randy) Blood, president
Tiberti blood inc