Glenn Hall, though born with a dysfunctional bad back and disabled from a shoulder surgery, has gone on to become a world-renowned expert in the field of Bodywork. His deep background in 10 different hands on manual therapies has led him to design a new and effective approach to deep chronic pain release he calls The SomaFlow™ Method.

Glenn and his wife Shoshana launched CreateHealthNevada in 2006 with a mission to profoundly facilitate changes for people experiencing persistent bondage to pain and disease. Drawing from 2.5 decades working with 1000’s of clients including celebrities, CEO’s, billionaires, high profile clients, professional athletes and their own lifestyle experiences Glenn and Shoshana have designed a three-tier online self-paced training program called “The Heal Body Makeover Program”.

They are soon to open the SomaFlow™ Academy, certifying an international network of bodywork therapists in “the Art and Science of Structural Body Healing”.

Glenn Hall
Premier Leader and Internationally Recognized
Ultimate Expert Bodyworker Specialist.

Shoshi Hall
Master Movement Educator in SomaFlow Structural Body
Therapy Healing, Flexibility and Core Strength

Shoshi Hall has been working with human body performance for over four decades and is a master movement educator, specializing in SomaFlow™ structural body therapy healing, postural problems, rehabilitation, flexibility and core strength. She has trained Cirque De Sole performers at the Wynn Resort and Casino CEO in Las Vegas and traveled internationally teaching continuing education to Pilates instructors abroad.

Shoshi studied with the Martha Graham School in Israel and Alvin Ailey School in New York City and achieved certifications in rehabilitation and conditioning exercises using the advanced methodologies of Pilates, Gyrotonics, Chen Style Tai Chi, Yoga and structural body healing. Her goal is to awaken the body, mind & soul through the power of movement and erase physical and emotional trauma through SomaFlow™ healing, enabling a pain-free life.