What is SomaFlow™ Therapy?

Are you experiencing:

  • Chronic pain?
  • Limited flexibility and range of motion?
  • Trauma from an accident or surgery?
  • Health issues related to aging?
  • Inability to achieve your best performance as an athlete, musician or dancer?

Many have found SomaFlow™ Therapy to be an unexpected, surprisingly powerful solution:

SomaFlow™ is a revolutionary therapy to treat both acute and chronic health issues enabling people to achieve their optimal health.
  • Are you contemplating corrective surgery and wanting to explore a less invasive, potentially more effective alternative?
  • Have you experienced corrective surgery and yet your original problem (pain, limited motion…etc.) persists?
  • Would you like to accelerate your recovery from physical trauma and are looking for a potential solution to avoid having the injury create an enduring pattern of pain and dysfunction?

Deep Tissue Body Work

SomaFlow™ therapy is a deep tissue form of bodywork that energetically connects with you to release physical and emotional trauma via contact of the power of human touch. This is done by generating internal power by spiraling,” like” wave power of soft and hard focus energy.

SomaFlow™ Therapy is the art and science of structural body/mind healing. It is a more effective way to treat connective tissue issues by reversing and erasing chronic patterns of pain and dysfunctional structures in the skeletal body.

SomaFlow™ Therapy changes people’s lives!

Through SomaFlow™ Therapy a growing number of people are experiencing healing and wellness through its ancestral natural practices supported by an integration of modern Western science and Eastern Taoist healing principles.

  • Ancient Eastern internal healing arts, martial/advance Qi Gong studies and Yoga practices.
  • Western studies borne out of physical muscular alignment with emphasis on connective tissue release.

Find the Relief Available to You Through SomaFlow Therapy™