How SomaFlow™ Therapy Works

Injury can create an unending cycle of pain.

Over time, we store memories of physical, emotional or psychological injury and trauma via the tissue. When left untreated these trauma patterns create a continuing loop of dysfunctional physiological and psychological patterns.

SomaFlow™ Therapy breaks the pain cycle through healing that lasts:

The body has the extraordinary ability to change, regenerate and heal. By reintegrating mind, body and emotion we break the continuing loop of pain and dysfunction. SomaFlow™ Therapy’s revolutionary approach increases strength, improves flexibility and changes limited belief systems.

SomaFlow™ Therapy Activates the Potential of your Body’s Plasticity

Your body has a characteristic referred to as plasticity.

Such issues as chronic pain and limited motion can be stored, frozen in your long-term neural memory. This is why limiting health issues often persist long after the original trauma.

Plasticity is your body’s ability to remold and erase the neural dynamics of stored trauma.

However, your body needs a catalyst to trigger the healing process. This is the role of the SomaFlow™ Therapist.

Your SomaFlow™ Therapist

Your SomaFlow™ Therapist undergoes a rigorous training and certification process to use his/her biomechanics to align their body to create spiraling energy through the connective tissue and into the challenging areas, erasing stored trauma so that optimal health can be restored.

Through the activation of your body’s fascial plasticity, the thickness and shortness of connective tissue (or glycation) and muscle fibers are unwound back to their original shape thus giving long-lasting relief to the affected areas of your body. The neural dynamics that store trauma are erased. As the frozen history of dysfunctional patterns of myofascial unwinds and remodels, so does the mechanoreceptors, Golgi reflex arc, and the Golgi tendon organs that are stimulated through time.

The wave energy that is produced penetrates areas that have been armored, guarded, and protected by the body’s survival instinct.

Find the Relief Available to You Through SomaFlow Therapy™