Pain is a given, Suffering is optional!

Experience pain free movement

imagine restoring your flexibility with pain free motion, too good to be true?

You won’t believe it until you experience it. How much longer do you want to experience the pain and suffering, 6 months, a year, 2 years, or longer?

Pain Release Therapy

The body Fascia literally adapts to trauma by compressing and encapsulating it. We will unwind your body and bring it back to its original charge, erasing old wounds to make space for new healing possibilities.

Pilates, Intelligent Movements
Functional exercise training

Pain in your joints making you frustrated and fearful of moving?
We’ll mentor you through each exercise to ensure you have the proper form and function. You will adopt new and improved habits of movements that will restore your balance. Regain your flexibility and rebuild your strength so you permanently feel confident in moving pain-free.

Healthy Lifestyle Education

So you know you want to improve your lifestyle but you feel confused and overwhelmed not knowing where or how to start. We designed this online body-mind lifestyle program to give you the clarity, and simplicity to jump-start your energy, mental clarity, focus, and endurance. You’ll be able to perform 10X better in your business and any personal endeavor you undertake.

What others have experienced

 I am in awe of what Glenn does, I still don’t understand it all but I have seen the results and they are incredible.  He brought me back to moving and feeling like the youthful, strong, powerful athlete I truly am. To swim, bike, and run from a centered, focused place of power and strength is the most incredible feeling, one I thought I would never know again.
 Johnny Gorsuch
Shoshi is an excellent trainer. She uses her knowledge and experience to individualize workouts to the needs of each client. Both my wife and I have gained significant flexibility and strength since we began working with Shoshi. My improved flexibility has had a positive impact on my golf swing. In fact, my golf pro has told me that Pilates is one of the best methods to improve core muscle strength and flexibility. My wife has also experienced improved strength, flexibility, and posture. We would highly recommend her.
Thomas Liewellyn
Retired Project manager
Since the climactic session, I have walked 4–18 hole rounds of golf.  I am sitting, standing, swinging a golf club, sleeping and FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 35 YEARS——LIVING PAIN-FREE, AND WITHOUT PAIN MEDICATION!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much; may you continue to bring this kind of healthy living to many more people.
John dierks

When we think about the word MakeOver it is about external looks and creating a vibrant outside appearance. 

What if you could have a MakeOver on the inside where your body’s flexibility and movement was restored without the suffering you are experiencing right now?  At any age? 

Watch the video to find out more: 

Would it make a difference to you if you had greater range of motion in your joints?

What if movement started to become pain free?
Have you heard promises like this before?
Are you taking medication to manage your pain and it is leading to additional suffering?

Need some clarity or reassurance that this will work for you?  

Consider the following:

Become Curious about your wellness.
Have Courage to Ask some Questions.
What pain is your body carrying?

We have time, call us, schedule an introductory call and have a chat to see if this treatment will work for you. 

about Glenn & Shoshi hall

Start Your Total Health Transformation Now With A Top Leading Health Expert

Glenn Hall, though born with a dysfunctional bad back and disabled from shoulder surgery, has gone on to become a world-renowned expert in the field of bodywork.

Shoshi Hall has been working with human body performance for over 4 decades and is a master movement educator.



Freedom to Live Your Best Life!

  • Enjoy life activities you may have felt were no longer possible
  • Experience new Freedom from Pain
  • Increase Your flexibility and range of motion
  • Become Fitter And Gain More Confidence In Your Body

It all comes down to our 3 main guiding principles – that you have:

  1. Freedom to live
  2. Freedom from pain
  3. Freedom to move


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