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Wherever you are, you’ve likely heard of Pilates. It’s been around since the 1920s and places special emphasis on developing core strength to improve general fitness and well-being. Paired with the emergence of yoga, we’ve seen a wave of different studios, organizations and teachers emerge over the last 5-10 years.

This emergence has been a good thing, right?

Transforming Bodies and Lives

More so than ever before, it seems we’re getting healthier, more active and more open-minded in terms of the methods we use to maintain our overall health and well-being. For many who undertake a course in Pilates, the initial motivation of improving general fitness and overall well-being is indeed valid.

Everyone should ultimately be motivated by a desire to improve their day-to-day lives. Yet when working with our clients, we must go beyond surface motivations. Pilates does indeed have the potential to improve and radically transform posture, muscle tone and joint mobility.

Tailored Pilates for Individual Success

At Create Health Nevada, we pride ourselves on understanding exactly what our clients are looking for, but further to that, designing and providing a pathway which helps them meet their objectives. We believe that when it comes to any practice, but especially Pilates, there is no such thing as a ‘standard’.

The quality of your Pilates practice will be impacted by several factors, such as rapport with your teacher, frequency and, most crucially, your body type.

In preparing you for pilates, it’s important that we work firstly to understand your body from a holistic point of view. Joseph Pilates, the founder of Pilates, actually designed more than 500 unique exercises.

Personalized Pilates Programs for You

The key question is, ‘What will work for You?’ – how can we create a programme personalized for your specific circumstances? “ I have taken pilates from Shoshi for many years. Expert instructor. What I like about Shoshi is she molds your workout with the client’s individual needs. She keeps advancing in her field to enhance the client’s experience. She keeps the workouts versatile, so you’re never bored. Shoshi adds her knowledge about nutrition, which she adds to her instruction” –Connie McBeath As with Connie’s experience, the focus will be tailoring our programmes for your specific needs whilst, at the same time, ensuring that you benefit from the deepening of our knowledge in the area.

An overall nutrition strategy must support any programme that intends to improve your fitness and well-being.

In terms of Pilates, we aim to match the physical nature of the discipline with a focus on your eating habits and nutritional needs, ensuring the overall fitness benefits are matched by a programme of nutrition which supports that.

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