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Glenn & Shoshi Hall
Create Health Nevada Developers of SomaFlow™ Therapy


We are so ecstatic to see successful people experiencing a sense of wellbeing by doing the things they love and are passionate about.

We have found the keys to unlock the unnecessary suffering caused by physical and emotional pain, the impact of failed surgeries, and result of damaging medications.

Most clients say: “I wish I would have found SomaFlow™ sooner, I could have avoided so much pain.”  Glenn and Shoshi feel inspired to reveal SomaFlow™ by bringing this certification to the world.  Students attain the highest skill of education through the SomaFlow™ certification program. Imagine providing your clients increase recovery and healing to attain a life that is pain free. 

To Health & Wellness Professionals:

“What are the Top 1% of Fitness
Professionals doing RIGHT NOW…
That The Other 99% Are Not?”

The top 1% make themselves indispensable to their clients by offering a service that provides them:

  • Unique skills that sets them apart from others in the industry  
  • The ability to create profound relief from debilitating pain that their clients are holding onto. 
  • Remarkable ability to facilitate changes in the body to increase flexibility and function with all who work with them. 

So, if you are ready to stand out in the field of fitness and health professionals then SomaFlow™ Therapy is your next certification. Take on the challenge of becoming a Certified SomaFlow™ therapist today.  This training will set you apart in the industry and your business will thrive by offering results that your clients are desperate for…

“Until I started working with Shoshi a few months ago I was in constant pain and going from doctor to doctor. This deep, healing, restorative technique known as SomaFlow™ Therapy it allows Shoshi to  deeply unwind into the tissue and muscle that holds trauma. It relieved years of imbalance and imprinted pain. If you are suffering, please check out Shoshi for transformative results. I am so deeply grateful”
Sari Denis
Health and Wellness coach

Yes, I’m ready to boost up my career!!!

This is an exciting training where the participant’s experience:

  • Guidance in developing your skills to unwind deep tissues holding patterns through the power of the internal spiraling method 
  • What it takes to release tissue that is shortened, bounded, thicken or knotted fascia 
  • The encouragement of trusting your intuitive abilities and apply new methods to release various predictable patterns of fascial tightness resulting in bringing relief to the client
  • The discovery of your unique access to chi energy assists you in gaining power without the stress on your body.  Chi is accessing power instead of using the force of muscle-based massage techniques
  • Gaining confidence is essential in business sales communication skills and ways to build your client list of repeat delighted customers who refer their friends to you
  • Connection with like-minded people in a supportive healing community 
  • The next level of recognition and skill in your career

Ensure yourself a consistent flow of new clients as you build a recession-proof body work business!

SomaFlow™ Fascia
Certification Program!

  • Early Bird special $2,750 save $500 | Expires on August 21st at 11:59 PM EDT
  • Regular $3,250 | Deposit by September 1st at 11:59 PM EDT
  • Payment plan available: 3 Easy payments of $1166
  • Certification Event dates: September 21-24

Pre-conference webinar and coaching session with Glenn and Shoshi information provided with deposit. 

Buy now and take advantage of the certification discount!

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3-Day Intensive Certification Program

Times have changed.

We are not going to sugar-coat this one. 

More importantly, the Health and Wellness Industry has CHANGED and good people like yourself are having to adjust to the new marketplace and ways to engage clients.

  • 2021 and 2022 were absolutely brutal for the Health and Wellness Industry, and to add insult to injury, clients all over the world are now shifting their decisions and choosing better alternative ways to spend their money to attain optimal health.  

Things that were once thought about as luxuries and non-essentials are being cut as the cost of living explodes. 

Imagine what it would be like for you as a business owner to best position your services as a ‘MUST have’ for your clients to attain a vibrant and flexible body. 

This begs the question: 

Do you have a competitive edge in the field of bodyworks?

Is your business or practice offering the following: 

  • The ability to help people become free of long term pain 
  • Experience full recovery from past injuries or restricted movement
  • Becoming an essential priority so clients are not likely to cut you from their budget

Then this Certification is a Perfect Opportunity!

“Glenn has a deep passion to help people get to their peak performance.  SomaFlow™ is amazing, every session I walk away taller, the pain in my body is gone and I am thinking more clearly.  Too often people suffer with pain and stress and they accept it, for all those people out there I urge you to work with Glenn.”

Tony Robbins

#1 New York Times Bestselling Author, Philanthropist, & America’s #1 LIfe & Business Strategist