The History of SomaFlow™ Therapy

SomaFlow™ Therapy was borne out of another form of bodywork called BioSync developed in the early 1980’s. The Founder, Mark Lamm, designed a unique 360 approach to Somatic bodywork with emphasis on Yoga supported positions with either special equipment or floorwork with skilled stress on internal chi.

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SomaFlow™ Founders Glenn and Shoshi Hall

Glenn Hall, though born with a dysfunctional bad back and disabled from a shoulder surgery, has gone on to become a world-renowned expert in the field of bodywork with a background in 10 different hands on manual therapies. Glenn studied with Mark Lamm for 20 years. He is a student of the internal martial arts studying with Masters in Tai chi ch’uan, Bau gua ch’uan, and Liou He Ba Fah. Taking his experiences from the internal arts Glenn conceived and evolved a methodology to a more efficient system of training in Somatic Bodywork, thus SomaFlow™ Therapy was founded.

Shoshi Hall has been working with human body performance for over 4 decades and is a master movement educator with certifications in the advanced methodologies of Pilates, Gyrotonics, Chen Style Tai Chi, Yoga and structural body healing. She has trained Cirque De Sole performers at the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas and has a goal to awaken the body, mind & soul through the power of movement and erase physical and emotional trauma, enabling a pain-free life.

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