SomaFlow™ Institution Curriculum

SomaFlow™ Institution will take you from wherever you are in your healing practice currently – beginner, intermediate, advanced – to a successful full-blown business.

SomaFlow™ Institution is more than the highest quality learning center. In addition to valuable knowledge, skills and experience, you will find the accountability, mentorship, coaching and guidance you need to achieve your goals and fulfill your life mission and vision as a healer. In addition, you will engage in a support system and friendships that last throughout your life journey! 

Welcome to SomaFlow™ Institution

  • Philosophy, Mission, Overview
  • SomaFlow™ Therapy Intro
  • SomaFlow™ Therapy History
  • Glenn’s Story
  • SomaFlow™ Benefits
  • SomaFlow™ Research Validation

Course Content

  • Online Anatomy/Physiology Course
  • Ethics and Codes
  • Understanding Postural Strategies
  • NLP-Pre-Framing & Future Pacing/Nonviolent Communication Skills
  • SomaFlow Energetics/Mechanical Theories

Anatomy Physiology Mechanical Aspect

  • Footwork Training 1-3
  • SomaFlex 1-3
  • Soma Chi 1-3
  • Soma Body Footwork Body Positions
  • Ying/Yang Principles of SomaFlow™
  • 13 Body Principles
  • Nutrition for Fascia

Training Techniques

  • Equipment Protocol
  • Utilizing Equipment: Bolsters; Yoga Blankets, Peanut Ball, Chairs, Mat
  • Warmups, Stretching
  • Gua  Development and Push/Pull Tai chi Exercises
  • Art of Rooting/Centering and Breathing
  • Rotation Exercises
  • Linking Exercises
  • Yang Circles / Ying Circles
  • Climber’s Pull
  • Making the Wave
  • Step to the Wall
  • How to Move and Keep Your Center
  • Elliptical Motion
  • Blending, Sinking, Lengthening and Unwinding
  • Mat Protocols
  • Utilizing an Exercise / Peanut Ball
  • Elliptical Movements from Center
  • Understanding the Three-Point Connection
  • Positional Body Strategies
  • Palpation Skills
  • Neck/Shoulders
  • Lower Back/Hips
  • Legs/Knees
  • Calves and Feet

Gaining Experience

  • Practical Hours
  • Internships
  • Practitioner Journey
  • SomaFlow™ Community

Business Operation

  • Ethics, Principles, Confidentiality
  • Starting Your Business, Leadership Skills
  • Your Energy or Demeanor
  • Licensing
  • Liability Insurance

Marketing Your Somaflow™ Business

  • Your Customer Avatar and Anti-Avatar
  • Selling SomaFlow™: The Compelling “Why?”
  • SomaFlow™ Sales Funnel; Self-Promotion
  • Online Web Presents

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