SomaFlow™ Institution Philosophy, Vision and Approach

The Art and Science of Structural Body Healing

Identity: We are a global education school for bodyworker specialists in the art and science of structural healing. The founding principles are steeped in both eastern and western philosophies.

Focus: SomaFlow™ Institution focuses on higher learning training skills for professionals in a more effective way to erase, treat connective tissue and chronic pain patterns for even better results. Our programs deeply educate the power of human touch and the profound skills to find body patterns while reversing dysfunctional structures in the skeletal body.


  • Online and Hands on training: 300- 500hrs
  • Mentorship programs

Philosophy and Vision

Philosophy: To impart wisdom, knowledge and skill to the practitioners and clients who are seeking to experience healing and wellness in the areas of ancestral natural practices supported by modern science and eastern Taoist practices. Over time, we store memories of physical, emotional or psychological injury and trauma via the tissue. When left untreated these trauma patterns create a continuing loop of dysfunctional physiological and psychological patterns. The body has the extraordinary ability of change, regenerate and heal. By reintegrating mind, body and emotion we break the continuing loop of dysfunction.

Vision: To build a community of 100,000 therapists and teachers who impact a million lives creating extraordinary healing and wellness lifestyles by preserving, expanding following ancient traditions.

Approach and Organization

Approach: Our approach is steeped in the Eastern internal martial studies and Yoga practices and Western studies with a focus on physical muscular alignment and emphasis on connective tissue release.

Organization: SomaFlow™ organization is a network of like-minded health practitioners of diverse background in the internal ancient healing arts, dedicated to higher learning in the art and science of structural body healing. Founded on the principles of Mark Lamm, these educational programs are designed to bring bodywork skills to extraordinary results.

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