Benefits of Becoming a SomaFlow™ Therapist

Benefits of SomaFlow™ Certification

Expand and Strengthen Your Healing Skills

  • Reduce Client Pain More Rapidly: Develop the ability to eliminate client’s pain more quickly and effectively than with other therapies
  • Increase Client Emotional Blockage: Help clients move better, end chronic muscle pain and release emotional blockages stored in the soft tissue
  • Increase Client Flexibility: Learn new effective approaches for strength, flexibility and changing limited belief systems
  • Treat Client Connective Tissue: Acquire a more effective, intuitive way to erase, treat connective tissue and chronic pain patterns
  • Expand Surgery Solutions: Offer pre and post-surgery solutions
  • Grow the Power of Your Touch: Educate the power of your human touch and profound skills to find body patterns while reversing dysfunctional structures in the skeletal body
  • Heal Yourself: Experience greater ability to heal yourself
  • Integrate East and West: Learn healing concepts from both Eastern and Western philosophy

Grow Your Business and Advance Your Career

  • Grow Skills: Broaden your skills, knowledge, experience and mastery as a health professional
  • Attract Higher Prices: Expand your physical therapy practice to include a high paying modality. Provide your clients a valuable new offering for which they are willing to pay more. 
  • Follow Your Calling: Tap into your higher calling as a healer
  • Explore the Human Body: Tap into your limitless potential in body exploration
  • Advance Your Career: Advance your professional career by continually improving and adding valuable skills
  • Expand Your Reach: Experience customers seeking you out locally, nationally and globally
  • Increase Client Retention: Clients who experience better results become long-term loyal customers.
  • Achieve Financial Success: Earn a better income and create financial success
  • Lengthen Your Productive Years: Be able to work anywhere for an extended period of time, into your senior years. You can sustain a longer career since it’s generated by chi and not hard on your body.

Benefits Based on Modality

Physical Therapists:

  • Attract and secure high-income clients into your physical therapy practice
  • See your clients experiencing better, more rapid and long-lasting results

Yoga Instructors:

  • Upgrade your Yoga practice by upgrading your Yoga base with higher income clients
  • Reach parents of Yoga students
  • Attract higher attendance and more consistent participation
  • See more long-term progress in your students and clients

Massage Therapists:

  • Take your therapy to the next level of treatment success
  • See even better results and longer lasting effects with your manual therapies
  • Raise your prices as you attract higher income clients willing and able to pay more for the value you deliver.

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