SomaFlow™ Therapist Certification

Why Become a SomaFlow™ Therapist?

SomaFlow therapists are certified in a dynamic approach to soft tissue healing.

The SomaFlow™ Therapist connects with the client’s fascia (usually using the forearm) and initiates a spiraling motion that goes underneath and through the tissue like a dynamic wave, separating bundles of fascia fibers on multiple planes. Simultaneously, the therapist is also spiraling their own chi, similar to a tai chi master. This allows them to blend with the energetic field of the fascia, making it more receptive and responsive. This marriage of mechanical and energetic spiraling breaks up excessive bonds of collagen cross linking and restores the true length in the tissue.

But there is an emotional component as well. Studies have explored the impact emotions have on our cells. By unwinding fascia bundles, we are penetrating the core of stored memories and interrupting those patterns to clear emotional trauma.

What Have Certified SomaFlow™ Therapists Learned?

1) Specialized Ability to Treat Health Issues Involving Connective Tissue

SomaFlow™ Therapists are trained to create, design, and utilize a support system that will allow access to the connective tissue through a holographic approach pattern. This will expose the shortened and thickened collagen tissue.

2) An 8-Point Healing Approach

SomaFlow™ therapy has an 8-point approach to healing injury involving the physical and energetic connection to the human body.

As a SomaFlow™ therapist your training will include:

  1. Energetic contact and listening systems
  2. Body language expressions from the sub conscious mind.
  3. Natural Biotensegrity alignment
  4. NLP/Non-Violent communication
  5. Emotional verbal/physical insult to the fascia
  6. Somatic Movements for Healing
  7. Holographic support systems to access body areas
  8. Generating internal power from your body’s fascia to the clients

3) How to Release Protective Somatic Challenges

Therapists are trained to utilize their natural Biotensegrity alignment to create a mind/body intention and establish a true control touch in releasing protective somatic challenges while establishing a deeper awareness on the human subconscious level for effective change.

There’s much more involved in SomaFlow™ Certification, this is just a quick summery!

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