Get In Motion Workout

A Quick Body Jump-start for Anywhere, Anytime

In this FREE 5-Day Challenge you will learn ways to jump-start your body to increase metabolism, decrease heart disease, improve your mood, and lose weight!

Short, customized workouts have been put together for you to show you how effective moving can be. These workouts can be done in between your household chores, while watching television or even while on vacation.

This program is designed to CREATE a better YOU! So, that health, strength, and vitality can and will be restored.

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About Glenn & Shoshi Hall

Create Health is run by Glenn and Shoshi. They have dedicated their life to becoming masters of a myriad of arts and disciplines and treat each client as the unique individual they are. Techniques and philosophies of martial arts such as Tai Chi Chaun, Ba Gua Chaun, Chi Gong, Shorin Ryu Karate, western science, physiology, body language, mindset, mindfulness, dance (stage, show, performance art), gyrotonic, yoga, pilates, communication, body language and lifestyle health coaching. Disciplines in manual therapies such as neuromuscular therapy, kinesiology, proprioceptor neuromuscular facilitation, strain/counterstrain method, massage therapy, neuromuscular re-education, and structural integration (hellerwork). Personal strength and core training.