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The Difficulty in Believing Chronic Pain can ever END! The challenge with chronic pain is that it reaches a point where the road feels like it will never end, there are only so many times you can try, there are only so many times you can believe there is hope, and there are only so many times before the light of hope diminishes from a fire inside to a mere flicker.

Reviving Hope: A Case Study

We have dealt with this loss of hope 100’s of times with 100’s of clients, it is often our starting point on the client journey. To understand why, we asked one of our clients to break down their perspective as we use this as a case study to explain why there is much more than hope of lighting the fire once more. 

Marty’s Painful Journey

The case study was based around Marty, we asked him to explain his injury: “I had a slipped and bulging disc at the base of my spine, I couldn’t walk properly for nearly three months to the point that it beat me into submission and I had an operation. I felt a huge sense of relief post operation until the pain returned and then began a whirlwind tour of supposed therapies culminating in 7 years of chiropractic visits twice per week, it helped alleviate pain but never cure it. After so long you accept that as normal, painkillers and continuous pain becomes your normal” –Marty Lucas I appreciate Marty sharing this and you could easily swap out his injury and experience to all kinds of injuries we hear about.

The back is certainly a strong theme for chronic pain, although not everyone we see is aware of that, you see the thing with injury is that the body compensates for it in other ways.

Diagnosing Marty’s Underlying Issues

In Marty’s case when he first came to see me I could see the issues: “Honestly, I went to see Glenn as a last hope, I’d heard wonderful things about him from a friend but I doubted he could help where so many others had failed. Looking back what was truly incredible was that I walked in and he told me inside two minutes that my back had created issues in my core, shoulders and upper back” –Marty Lucas At this point I should share how I knew this, I have studied and mastered a range of martial arts, body language methods, therapies, physiology and mindset techniques.

Over time you create a sixth sense for movement and the ability to read people’s bodies. I call it biomechanics but in its simplest sense I can see the issues, all of them, which is key, it’s never one simple key but a myriad of changes. That is why I can help people in ways others cannot.

Marty’s Altered Movement Patterns

Take Marty, since he’s our case study, his L5 disc was the starting point but to avoid pain his mind had decided to change how he walked, his posture and his balance were all different. “I was extremely cynical as most people get with such ongoing pain, I think that is completely fair, you lose hope. The first session was incredible, we spent little time on my lower back and instead Glenn was releasing all sorts of areas of pain which I figured were never curable, what do I know” –Marty Lucas At this point I could see Marty’s body had changed how he walked, sat and moved.

I set about gently but firmly understanding his mechanics and then began releasing some age old knots, muscles and flexibility. This where the emotional side comes into play, bad injuries lock in the emotion of the moment, it’s like memories which get trapped in time, in this case trapped inside your body. 

Emotional Release and Renewed Vitality

“The emotional side was challenging, Glenn educated me stage by stage and I just felt memories flooding back to me when he found points of release for me. You are flooded with different moments when the injuries occurred and as it went on I felt freer and just full of energy, I felt younger” –Marty Lucas Once you release the old emotions, everyone feels more alive, awake, flexible and of course this was just the first visit but over time we created more and more freedom for the mind and body for Marty.

Rediscovering Freedom: Triumphing Over Chronic Pain

We have many testimonials about our work, we are very grateful but what really makes me feel like we have changed lives is when people realise that chronic pain is not just curable but can help to light that fire inside you again: “I will never forget the moment at the first session when I stood up and stretched my back BACKWARDS, it was automatic and yet I couldn’t recall doing that for 10 years. I felt free and each visit is just a joy, many people talk about balance of mind and body, few live it. I’m forever grateful for Create Health and their mastery of pain relief!” –Marty Lucas So yes we can help with chronic pain, you just have to look past lost hope and to believe that defeat is not your road. You deserve more, the fire can burn again.

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