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Is Chronic Pain, Limited Flexibility, and Limited Range of Motion Causing You to Say “No” to Your Favorite Activities? Experience Chronic Pain Relief with SomaFlow Therapy™!

Are you experiencing:

  • Chronic pain?
  • Flexibility issues?
  • Limited range of motion?
  • Poor mobility?
  • Chronic patterns of stress in your body?

If you’re experiencing any of these conditions, you may have had to say “no” to participating in a Pilates session,  going on a hike, playing with the children or grandchildren, even shopping, rearranging the furniture in a room or setting up holiday decorations.

How Inactivity Creates a Downward Health Spiral

Saying “no” to activity and movement only leads to less and less activity and movement. The memory of the pain and limitation becomes stored in the subconscious mind, even persisting after the initial cause has disappeared.

In addition, when one part of the body is in pain, the body naturally compensates by putting more stress on the parts that are not hurting, leading to compensation injuries and psychological issues.

Pain Medication and Corrective Surgery May Lead to More Problems

Many naturally resort to pain medication, which can create even more problems (addiction, ulcers, heart problems).

But without dealing with the cause of the pain or limited movement you may find a need to increase the pain medication, and as a result, begin experiencing some of these side effects. Another resort is corrective surgery, but this option can lead to additional health issues.

Fortunately, there is another way to treat chronic pain, limited flexibility and limited range of motion.

And it’s totally natural.

It’s called SomaFlow Therapy™

How Does SomaFlow Therapy™ Help You Resolve Chronic Pain, Limited Flexibility and Limited Range of Motion?

The SomaFlow Therapist™ helps naturally release your body’s extraordinary ability to change, regenerate and heal.

  • Parents and grandparents are able to improve their ability to handle the physical demands of parenting.
  • Office workers increase flexibility and avoid injury and poor posture issues from excessive computer work.
  • Seniors find greater ability to deal with age-related health issues
  • Athletes improve performance and accelerate healing from sports injuries
  • And active people find themselves saying “yes” to the next Pilates session, or hike and other enjoyable activities!

You Can Start Right Now on Your Road to a Healthier, More Active, and Satisfying Life with SomaFlow Therapy™

Where pain and limitation can lead to a downward health spiral, the elimination of pain through SomaFlow Therapy™ leads to an upward health spiral. People begin to re-discover their “highest and best” self. 

Learn more about SomaFlow Therapy™ Talk to a SomaFlow Therapist™ and learn how SomaFlow Therapy™ can help get you back on track to achieving your highest and best health!

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