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Ignite the transformative power of your Inner Artistry as we embark on a journey to cultivate well-being in the workplace and beyond. The term artistry evokes many images and feelings. A common problem has been that we often load the term in a particular direction – that is, artistry can mean creative expression such as drawing, painting and so on.

This narrow definition often only succeeds in making some of us feel that somehow we’re not quite ‘artistic’ enough. Perhaps we’ve not had lives or careers which we feel have been centred on unleashing inner expression, or so we may feel.

It’s not many times we’d use the term artistry in the same breath as consultant, corporation or finance. In 20+ years as a dancer, I’ve come to realize that regardless of expression, we’re all artists in our way. For some, that expression takes the form of drawing; for others, they may express it through sports, the way they engage in conversations, for example.

Artistry and Optimized Living

The important thing is that we all ‘access’ this artistry in different ways. The creation of a state of optimal living is in itself an artistic endeavour. As a dancer and teacher my task has been to help my clients unleash an inner creative confidence which, at times, they may not have understood they even possessed.

This process is not a simple case of posing a few questions, instead it’s a process of understanding the thoughts and feelings of those I work with. Each of is a unique ecosystem, packed with a range of different motivating factors, belief and experiences. It’s this ecosystem which provides the starting point for our journey to optimized living.

Cultivating Well-being in the Workplace

At Create Health we believe that optimizing our health is a process of understanding but also choice. How do we, how do you wish to live your life? What are the experiences that we wish to see more of? This inherently creative process asks a lot of us. It calls for us to envisage a world without limits or a space in which we access the very best of ourselves and others.

This conversation is starting to infiltrate the workspace more and more every day. As the responsibility of corporations change, we can see them becoming more than just places of employment. Corporations now have a duty to facilitate the well being of their employees.

You could say that unleashing the inner artistry of employees and their overall well-being is now ‘company business’. How will you start the conversation amongst your employees, community or organisation?

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