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Recent Explosion in Health Consciousness! The past 10 years have seen the West’s health consciousness explosion. Overall, it seems that we’re taking our health more seriously than ever before. This has mainly manifested in an explosion of gyms, exercise classes and yoga mats. More than ever, as a society we seem more active. There are now more options than ever if you wish to burn calories.

Temporary Disengagement Supports Life Balance

Yet with all this activity, it seems that more than ever we’re all clamouring for some quiet time. We can call this need many things, but if there’s something that we can agree on, it is that we need balance.

The human mind and body yearn for stimulation, they thrive on the challenge yet simultaneously require these things to be balanced with space for downtime.

Downtime doesn’t necessarily mean inactivity, instead, it’s a call for temporary disengagement, not so that we may avoid our day-to-day lives but return refreshed and go deeper.

Find Your Own Internal Mind-Body Balance

At Create Health Nevada we pride ourselves fuzing everything we do with a complex understanding of the human body and its alignment to the mind. So much of what we see nowadays relates to an over-focus on the physical health with little attention paid to the mind. Ultimately our minds provide us with our greatest sense of wellness.

They’re a space that can contain the memories of our greatest experiences and some of our greatest pain. Think of the mind as a storehouse that can become overloaded.

We believe that in balancing the body and mind, we must look at the storehouse and our physical form. This process is not one of ‘attack’ – think of it instead as a process of finding our own internal balance.

For everyone that will be a unique journey, which will require an examination of where you currently are in your life and where you see yourself going.

There is no one size fits all type of solution for any of our clients, instead, we prefer to ‘deep dive’ and really build an understanding of the external and internal factors at play.

The Key is to Start Your Mind-Body Balance Journey

We recognize that life does provide us with plenty of day-to-day challenges. The constant need to take care of responsibilities whilst ensuring that we, as adults, exercise the right amount of self-care. We can’t live in a bubble, neither can our methods or the way in which we work with our clients.

We recognize that finding a balance between body and mind is never an easy path. But what we don’t ask for is ‘ease’ – anything worth having is worth fighting for as they say. Crucially, the most important part of any journey is actually just starting.

7 Mind-Body Balance Techniques

Whether Mind-Body balance is a new concept and you’re wondering where to start, or you are a mind-body balance pro looking to tune up your technique, the following 7 Mind-Body Balance Techniques may be helpful.

Mind-Body Balance Technique #1 – Meditate Regularly

You don’t need to travel to a far-off spiritual site or spend hours to experience the value of meditation. Set aside 30 minutes each day to meditate, and you will begin experiencing powerful results that can include memory improvement, heightened ability to focus, improvement of your overall mood, and your immune system will be strengthened.

You’ll sleep more soundly, wake up with renewed energy, and finally, you’ll begin experiencing greater creativity. These are just a few of the many benefits of consistent daily meditation.

Your meditation practice is easy to start, yet it can take a lifetime to master. Remove yourself from external distractions and, in a quiet place, practice quieting your mind of internal distractions. Meditation is a practice of emptying of thoughts to create the internal space in which the new can arise.

Many who are new to meditation utilize “guided meditation” techniques. For more, search for the phrase “guided meditation”.

Mind-Body Technique #2 – Regular Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise is sustained rhythmic exercise such as walking, running, riding a bike, swimming…etc. vs. anaerobic exercise such as weight lifting, sprinting…etc. Aerobic exercise opens a new avenue for meditation due to it’s rhythmic nature.

As you engage in aerobic exercise, you may find it valuable to focus on a particular thought and let your mind explore that thought.

Mind-Body Technique #3 – Practice Gratitude is a great mental focus during aerobic exercise. Your are now engaging your body and your mind in an integral way.

Mind-Body Balance Technique #3 – Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is a great mental focus during rhythmic aerobic exercise. Create a list of everything in your life for which you are grateful: Friends, Family, Pets, Food, Acts of Kindness you recently experienced, Opportunities, Nature… Then take one of these and make that your focus throughout your walk, run, bike ride or other aerobic exercise.

When you’re finished with your aerobic exercise write down your gratitude thoughts. The act of writing further releases the benefit of gratitude in your life.

You’ll be amazed how renewing this activity is and how refreshed and elevated your mental outlook and mood becomes. It’s far more powerful than any pill.

Mind-Body Balance Technique #4 – Forgive Yourself for Past Mistakes and Negative Acts

Many if not most people carry a huge weight of past mistakes. This weight can drag you down, ultimately draining your mind and body due to the stress it creates. Practice the 3-to-1 rule.

Every time you find yourself dwelling on some past mistake, say something like, “I love myself, I fully forgive myself, I release the weight of this past action, I am a new person.” Say this 3 times for every single time guilt arises in your thoughts.

One of the powerful mind-body benefits of forgiveness is that when you forgive yourself, it becomes easier for forgive others which in turn can make all of your relationships more satisfying.

Mind-Body Balance Technique #5 – Spend Time Outside

Nothing is more expansive than getting out of the office, home, limited space with 4 walls and a ceiling and emerging into nature.

One huge subconscious difference is that nature has no straight lines. Think of how many straight lines see continually in a room, on the border of your computer screen… we could go on, but you probably get the point.

All 5 senses receive more unique and varied stimulation in nature: Sights, sounds, smells, touch and even taste are so much more varied in nature. The sensation can be extremely cleansing.

Mind-Body Balance Technique #6 – Experience Something New Each Day

Meet someone you’ve never met before. Engage in some activity you’ve never attempted before. Take yourself out of the “sameness” and routine that can dull both mind and body.

Mind-Body Balance Technique #7 – Practice Pilates

The act of moving your body in new ways will powerfully affect your mind. The focus Pilates require is a perfect integration of mind and body. Register for the current session of CreateHealthNevada.com:

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