Definition of SomaFlow Therapy ™: SomaFlow Therapy ™, steeped in ancient principles of internal healing arts, is a new profound methodological approach to structural body healing. It focuses on erasing physical dysfunctional fascia and body-emotional discord. SomaFlow Therapy ™ utilizes skilled pressure and emphasis on internal chi to accomplish this.

Origin of SomaFlow Therapy™ in BioSync© Bodywork

SomaFlow Therapy™ was born out of another form of bodywork called BioSync© developed in the early 1980’s.

The Founder, Mark Lamm, was a world-renowned bodyworker and inducted into the Massage Hall Fame. With the support of his wife Leah Lamm, Mark designed a unique 360 approach to Somatic bodywork with an emphasis on Yoga supported floorwork positions and special equipment to release the body’s deep fascia dysfunctions with skilled pressure and emphasis on internal chi.

Glenn Hall’s Work with Mark Lamm

Glenn Hall, though born with a dysfunctional bad back and disabled from a shoulder surgery, has gone on to become a global expert in the field of bodywork with a background in ten different direct manual therapies. Glenn’s clients come from around the world to experience this special form of bodywork.

Glenn and Mark’s path crossed in 2000. Glenn’s experiences with Mark’s therapy were so profound it would change Glenn’s entire approach to bodywork and his outlook on life.

Mark Lamm’s inspiration and teachings encouraged Glenn’s passion to seek out and discover a deeper knowledge into the ancient internal healing arts.

Glenn is a student of the internal martial arts studies of Tai chi ch’uan, Bua gua ch’uan, Liou He Ba Fah, Qi Gong, and Nei Gong.

Birth of the SomaFlow Therapy Method™

Studying with these teachers in the internal arts led Glenn to achieve in-depth-skills and insight to help his clients get the best results with their physical healing challenges.

Mark and Glenn’s friendship, mentorship, and professional relationship lasted till his passing in 2015. Glenn’s and his wife Shoshi’s inspiration have revolutionized the new profound methodology approach to structural body healing, the SomaFlow Therapy Method™ .

Together, Glenn and Shoshana have designed the SomaFlow Therapy ™Academy School: “The art and science of structural body healing”.

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