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How To Experience Flexibility And Movement Again “Movement is my medicine.” ⬿ Shoshi Hall.

Shoshi Hall specializes in the art and science of SomaFlow™ structural body therapy healing. Her life calling is to help her clients restore their neutral alignment, rebuild their strength and regain their flexibility so they can live life at a higher level.

Shoshi Hall’s Active Background And Life Calling

As a former dancer in the performing arts, a movement educator and a somatic therapist Shoshi knows the immense potential of the human body at its best and at its worst.

Your flexibility and full range of movement without pain have a great effect on your quality of life. And the richer your own quality of life, the greater positive effect you can have on the lives of everyone around you: Your family, your friends, your community and ultimately the global community.

From Pilates Studio To Bodywork

In 2007 Shoshi Hall opened Shoshana Pilates Studio. Her work in the studio quickly revealed the physical discomfort clients were experiencing as they struggled to move with ease and without pain or limitation.

Many were just trying to survive each day. This experience helped give Shoshi her life calling to help people move from “surviving” to “thriving”.

This calling launched Shoshi on a quest to educate herself on correct body movements mechanics and discover healing methods designed to help people thrive. With this clear intention, the universe began to bring Shoshi the help she sought.

Shoshi met Glenn Hall, a global expert in the field of bodywork and innovator of SomaFlow™ healing. Glenn was to become her teacher, soulmate and husband.

Shoshi’s Introduction To The BioSync© Method

Glenn introduced Shoshi to BioSync© therapy. Through BioSync© therapy, the profound results of years of painful neck and lower back conditions due to her demanding training as a dancer disappeared in a very short time.

Her enlightened experiences of healing and observing her husband’s work inspired Shoshi to study with Mark Lamm and certify in the BioSync© Method.

Today, Shoshi is able to help her Pilates clients and many of the Las Vegas community to get out of pain and get back in their game including helping her husband renew himself and thrive in the midst of his very demanding therapy work with clients.

Shoshi Hall’s Extensive Credentials

Shoshi has seen how each client is unique. There is no single “one solution fits all” approach to helping clients restore their neutral alignment, rebuild their strength and regain their flexibility.

So, she continues to educate herself on emerging therapies of natural health and spiritual and metaphysical world views to provide the most comprehensive therapy that works for each of her client’s individual needs.

In the process, Shoshi has attained mastery in the art and science of SomaFlow™ structural body therapy healing, along with certifications in BioSync© therapy.

Additional credentials:

  • Rehabilitation and conditioning exercises using the advanced methodologies of Pilates. University of Nevada.
  • Certifications in the Gyrotonics® method, Chen Style Tai Chi and Yoga.
  • Shoshi has trained the Le Reve performers at the Wynn Resort, Casino
  • Traveled internationally teaching continuing education to Pilates instructors abroad.
  • Shoshi is co-founder of Create health Nevada with her Husband Glenn Hall.

Testimonial From A Client

“Feeling blessed and grateful to have worked with this amazing woman and her husband to finally begin to receive relief and healing after 3 years of living in utter pain. A recent MRI revealed I have degenerative discs and narrowing of my spine. The affected areas of L4, L5, S1 and a hernia have been a constant source of pain whether I am in motion or not. It is always there to some degree or another. I have tried chiropractic work, reiki, traction, breath work, CBD, physical therapy, deep tissue massage, foam rollers and even bought a new mattress. Nothing has helped. Not until I started working with Shoshi a few months ago.

This deep, healing, restorative technique known as SomaFlow™ Therapy is a personal and intuitive healing that allows the practitioner (Shoshi) to plunge deep into the tissue and muscle that holds trauma. Unwinding years of imbalance and imprinted pain. If you are suffering, please check out Shoshi and her husband Glenn for transformative results. I am so deeply grateful.” -Sari Dennis Certified Health and Wellness Counselor, and Founder of My Wellness Counts, LLC.

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