Tony Pearson
Glenn does amazing work

As a pro athlete ( for the last 25 years, I have suffered chronic muscle pains, but with the treatments of SomaFlow Therapy, I have my life back. Glenn does amazing work, he has helped me tremendously and he has given me my youth back. My muscles are more pliable and my flexibility has been restored to it’s original blueprint, I am pain free! The therapy is incredible work! There is no other treatment that can compare to it.

Tony Pearson

Tommy van Oeveren
Thanks to Glenn and this therapy I can live a normal, productive life.

Having a background in Law Enforcement, I knew that I had to keep myself in shape. Several years ago the vehicle I was driving was struck by a semi-truck pulling two trailers that ultimately lead to my retirement from Law Enforcement as well as three separate surgeries in my neck. The pain associated with the injuries and trauma my neck and shoulders experienced was excruciating. For many months after the accident my neck and shoulders were “Locked Up”. I’ve been seeing Glenn now for more than two years. He’s been treating me and working out all the scar tissue and trauma from the accident and surgeries. Thanks to Glenn I can live a normal, productive life that includes exercise, sports and hiking. I highly recommend the services of Glenn and BioSync.

Tommy van Oeveren
Owner, Las Vegas Pics

Paula Farris
I have not only felt better, both physically and mentally.

When I met Glenn I was depressed and feeling hopeless. I’ve been in pain since I was a teenager due to my scoliosis (I have 3 curves-15°, 40° and 20° degree). I have always worked out and tried to take care of myself, but have never had consistent relief due to my back pain. I had heard of SomaFlow Therapy and had already experienced Rolfing, so I was “open “to try it. I was hoping (and praying) for something that could help me. Little did I know that Create Health would far exceed my expectations.

Since SomaFlow therapy, I have not only felt better, both physically and mentally, but have had positive comments on my posture and overall change in my structural form. I look forward to my SomaFlow sessions! I am truly grateful I found Glenn and to his therapy; it has done wonders for me overall!

Sincerely Grateful,
Paula Farris

Jim Hastings
We worked through a Kidney Stone, Irritated Bowel Syndrome and so much work stress.

Dear Mr. Hall:
I just wanted to write and thank you for all the work you have done on my wife and myself. I remember when I had to walk my wife in to your office due to a damaged knee and you were able to restore her knee to working condition the same evening. Also, she has had a pain in her side for so long that you were able to help heal. On myself, we worked through a Kidney Stone, Irritated Bowel Syndrome and so much work stress. Thanks for all the health your work has initiated.
I have recommended you to my business associates and friends. All of which are very satisfied as well.
You are the best body worker I have ever experienced!
Jim Hastings
President, Hastings Brokerage

Tamara Sanz
Working with Glenn was an unforgettable experience.

It has only been a year since I learnt about my scoliosis condition. Since then, I have been seeing doctor after doctor, trying to understand what exactly I have, and how it can be treated. Every one of them told me something different. From saying that I could very easily live without doing anything, to a must-have operation, I was truly torn. I did some physical therapy for about a month, with no obvious or satisfying changes. I even wore a brace for sometime, yet I knew that with a 52° curve in my spine, only an operation could truly change my body. However, along the way, my father had heard about this therapy through a friend of his that had already received this treatment. We checked out the website and became intrigued. My father contacted Glenn Hall, special therapist in Las Vegas, NV, and, after finding out more about this method, we had arranged to fly him over and work on me. For ten days we had a two hour session twice a day, with dramatic changes after every one. By the third day my spine had already started to move back! Not only was this a physical treatment, but there was emotional release too. I felt energy I never even knew I had flow through my body, and sensed I was much straighter and taller than ever before. Working with Glenn was an unforgettable experience that changed my body in ways that no operation could ever do. I am very thankful to him for helping me transform myself, and I am looking forward to our next session!

Tamara Sanz
Geneva, Switzerland

Jean B
I suffer with progressive osteoarthritis in nearly every joint.

I have been a client of Shoshi’s for more than ten years and of Glenn nearly as long. I suffer with progressive osteoarthritis in nearly every joint. I can honestly say that Shoshi’s advice, training and patience have been key to me keeping my mobility and quality of life at a high level in spite of my medical condition. Shoshi treats every client individually, creating plans that address not only training, but also nutrition and a positive healthy lifestyle.

Glenn is the perfect compliment. A session with him leaves you completely at ease with your body and the world.
I can recommend Shoshi and Glenn, without any reservation to anyone looking to take control of their health and wants trainers/teachers who really care about their clients well being.

Aileen Espstein
Shoshi is very professional and caring.

Shoshi is very professional and caring. She takes the time to show the student the correct way to perform each move in order to get the maximum benefit. She encourages the student to challenge one’s self without pushing beyond the student’s comfort zone.

Aileen Epstein

Owner, B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga Center of Las Vegas

Kerri Affronti
I am renewed and open.

My experience in working with Shoshi has been transformational. Each time, upon leaving a Gyrotonic session with her, I am renewed and open, vitalized and ready to move through my day with a grace, ease, and power that I did not have prior. Her instruction is such that if she instructs like an artist paints. Using the client as the centerpiece, a masterpiece is created, one of beauty. The client leaves ready to be presented to the world,. I am delighted to recommend Shoshana as an exceptionally gifted instructor and guide in healing and rehabilitation of all that ails you. She is an amazing gift!
Kerri Affronti,
Therapist, movement educator.