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Are your neck and shoulder muscles tight? Learn about the cause of tight neck and shoulder muscles, the resulting limitations on your life, and how you can fix this problem resulting in a new body and new life.


“I’ve been meaning to tell you that I appreciate all the shoulder and upper back work; I carry all my tension there and have really noticed feeling more range of motion and less tightness”.

-Amber Manfree

Why do you carry tension in your neck and shoulders?


My first 3 dates with my now husband Glenn were a pain in my neck

Do you love the Fun experience of eating at the sushi bar? Now, imagine you are on a date with that special someone you are absolutely excited about; you’re sitting side by side.

You turn sideways to look into their eyes but the only person you see is the sushi chef and the feeling of intense stiffness and pain in your neck runs all the way down to your shoulder.

You grab your neck with the palm of your hand, placing your elbow on the sushi bar to stabilize your very heavy head to turn, and hope your date didn’t notice the unattractive, ”I’m miserable”, face.

In our combined 30 years of bodywork and teaching body mechanics for over a decade, clients have most commonly come to Glenn and me with complaints of neck and upper body tightness.

Causes of Neck and Shoulder Tightness

Each of us has a unique mix of manifold reasons for tightness in the neck and shoulders.

Network of Muscles and Fascia Tissue

Many of the neck muscles insert into the upper back. The shoulder blades are connected to the spine, and a network of fascia tissue intertwines and straps to the muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones that provide support and movement.

When the deep internal muscles are weak, the extrinsic muscles are taking all the workload and will spasm to protect your neck.

Here are some of the major causes forcing your neck and upper body to strain to the point of pain:

1) Poor Postural Habits: The Text Neck

The good news is that you can correct this painful, unsightly problem, no matter how long it has been in the making. I’ll show you how.

2) Physical Trauma and Injury

So, when people ask me, “Were you dropped on your head as a child?”, I can say, “Yes”. Not to worry, I’ve fully recovered, and I’ll show you how you too can recover from such injuries…even though they occurred long in your past!

3) Pent Up Emotions That Have No Outlet for Release

I learned simple ways to overcome this problem and am here to share that knowledge with you.

4) Lack of Movement

Is There a Way Out of Neck and Upper Body Stiffness?

Listen to Your Body – Now is the Time!

Steps to Healing

Step 1: Tune Up Your Posture

Check List for the Alignment of Your Head and Shoulders:

  1. When you sit, sit on top of your sits bone.
  2. Align your ribcage with your hip bones.
  3. Place your shoulders over your hips.
  4. Widen your collarbone.
  5. Glide your shoulder blade down toward your hips.
  6. Align your head over your shoulders.
  7. Tilt your nose gently down like you are saying “yes”
  8. Focus your eyes forward parallel to the floor.
  9. Feel the length in the back of your neck energetically reach from the top of your head.

Step 2: Relax and Stretch Your Muscles

Self-Care Massages and Stretches for Your Neck

Neck Stretch Exercise

Back of Neck Massage

Back of Neck Massage Extension

Rhomboid Major, Trapezius Stretch

Sternocliedomastoid Mastoid Massage

Step 3: Get Help!

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